1 Chapter-1: The Hired Magician pt-1

"Chapter-1: The Hired Magician pt-1"



"Huh? It seems that it will be raining, I hope that our shift is over by the time the raining stops….." (Mob.1)

A tall man, wearing a green-colored military uniform and holding an M4 in his hands mumbled out loud while gazing at the dark sky.

The moon shone with its usual brilliance even though the dark cloud would soon cover its calming light.

"Yeah! I don't want to get wet in the rain; also! we need to return to position A." (Mob.2)

Another tall man, similar to the previous one was standing near his friend while watching over the cargo that was being transported inside the base.

Both of the soldiers seemed highly trained and well equipped, top-quality assets who would be valued in any armed forces yet the hand-band around their biceps had a very unique symbol on it.

[A Golden dragon with no head]

The symbol didn't belong to any armed forces or terrorist group. It belonged to the most notorious syndicate in the world. The name of this syndicate was forbidden to be spoken publicly.

[No Head Dragon] was an international crime syndicate that abused its ability to use magic.

The name [No Head Dragon], didn't originate from the organization but was instead used by other organizations to refer to the syndicate because the leader of [No Head Dragon] had never appeared before his subordinates.

The leader would only appear before his subordinates if an individual had to be punished.

They would first be rendered unconscious and then taken to a separate location, to a private room.

Anyway, that is not the focus of the discussion.

The soldiers guarding the place along with the huge facility behind them belonged to the syndicate, disguised as a dock warehouse.

[No Head Dragon] had their headquarters all around the world; every developed country had at least one hidden base through which the organization would operate.

"Has professor Enzo arrived?" Questioned the first soldier while observing the surrounding; keeping an eye on the area.

"Yes, the professor will be deported from Japan tomorrow. We just need to make sure that no intruder enters the place." Replied the second soldier as he pulled out a cigarette packet; flicking out a single piece.

"You want one?" He asked his partner while talking out a lighter from his left pocket.

The first soldier tilted his head to the side and replied in a bored manner.


The second soldier puts a single piece in his mouth while pulling another for his partner.


Out of nowhere, a sudden click of something solid impacting the ground resounded throughout the place.


Both of the soldiers hurriedly pointed their M4s towards the direction from which the sound came, their reflexes were on spot.

Due to the sudden action, the second soldier had to let go of the lighter, and the packet of cigarettes; even the one in his mouth fell on the ground.

The first soldier slowly moved forward towards the left portion of the 'warehouse'.

He gestured for his partner to follow behind him and keep his eyes on the right side.

The second soldier nodded and nimbly moved behind the first soldier while pointing the barrel of his gun towards the left side.

Both of the soldiers silently moved in sync and one by one cleared all the areas.

After 5-minutes of intense search, they found nothing, even so, they didn't drop their guard at all.



To make things harder, it finally started raining, the dark clouds had finally covered the entire sky; hiding the moon.

The soldiers had already switched to night vision mode using the gear they were wearing.

"Hey, Carl…." The second soldier called out his partner's name.

"Yes?" The first soldier didn't turn around upon being called, rather he continued to keep an eye on the right side.

"A Shadow can't be cast without a source of light right?"


"Then why do you have a rather large shadow when the moon is covered by clouds and there isn't a source of light?"


Before the first soldier could turn around to check his back, a hand extended from his shadow holding a Glock, with a suppressor on, and shot him in the neck.


The bullet pierced the guard's neck, instantly destroying the windpipe therefore effectively stopping him from making a noise as he was left for dead.


The second soldier instantly jumped back and aligning his gun with the line of fire between him and the shadow which killed his partner.

Unfortunately for him, before he could shout or fire his gun, he felt his control over his vocal cords slip past his brain as a tight steel wire sliced half of his throat.


Like a fountain, blood rushed out of the soldier's throat as he desperately tried to use his gun and fire some shots at his attacker before he died.

Unfortunately for him, his attacker didn't give him a chance as a bullet pierced his brain, the inertia inside the bullet jerked his head backward as he fell on the ground.

And just like that, two highly trained soldiers were killed within seconds, after the fight started.

A couple of seconds later, a figure appeared from the shadow. Dressed in a strange mobile suit.

Special alloy platted armor with a hood covering the helmet. Purely black with purple lines running all over the [thing].



The rain intensified, falling onto the dead bodies of the two soldiers. The blood from their wounds was quickly washed away, the figure in the strange outfit picked up their bodies and placed them onto the warehouse gate, he pinned their back to the wall; from afar it looked like the two soldiers were standing straight.

The lack of vision was extremely helpful to the figure as it helped him cover his tracks. He now had at least an hour before someone found the dead bodies of the two soldiers.

(Figure P.O.V)

"Looking at the dead bodies of the two soldiers, I felt nothing..."

"Just this emptiness inside my heart…."

"Ever since I came into this world, the emptiness has just kept growing….."

"As time goes, I don't even know what am I turning into….."

"I should quickly finish the mission….."

"Let's just get this over with….."

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