4 Master Cyril

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The Duke of Rolle walked over excitedly and reached his hand out to pick up the card on the side.

"Happy birthday to the Duke of Rolle. I hope you like my gift. There's something going on back at home, so I can't come to see my daughter-in-law for now. I'll definitely pay you a visit in person when I have the chance in the future."

The card didn't mention the identity of the sender. So who exactly sent him such a valuable gift?

While everyone was guessing the identity of the sender, a voice came outside the main hall.

"Happy birthday, my Lord."

Then, a twenty-year-old young man entered.

Once the young man showed up, the astonishment on everyone's faces gradually calmed down. Even the Duke of Rolle seemed to have a sudden realization.

"Master Cyril," the Duke of Rolle quickly said with a smile.

The young man was Cyril Wells, the Young Master of the Wells family. The Duke of Rolle wanted Winnie to marry him before, as Cyril had said he liked Winnie.

However, when he told the news to Winnie, Winnie had already married Alger, a loser who came out of nowhere all of a sudden.

Because of what Winnie's family did, the Rolle family lost a lot of benefits. And because of this, the Duke of Rolle, who already disliked Winnie's family, became even more dissatisfied with them.

Seeing Cyril show up, Aries immediately went over with a smile. His smile looked flattering. "Master Cyril, how generous of you to send us such a valuable gift. You're too kind."

"A valuable gift?" Cyril was shocked. He then saw the box in the arms of the butler and was immediately startled in his mind.

"Master Cyril, didn't you send this?" Aries next to him noticed his reaction and couldn't help but ask.

A hint of awkwardness flashed through Cyril's eyes. He then chuckled and said, "Haha, I have no idea about the gift, but I did mention to my father that it's the Duke of Rolle's birthday before I came."

After hearing this, everyone all came to a sudden realization. They thought in their minds that the gift must be from Master Cyril.

The Duke of Rolle immediately asked Cyril to sit down. Cyril glanced at Winnie in the corner, before walking over and sitting next to her.

The eyes of the Duke of Rolle glittered. He smiled and asked Cyril, "Master Cyril, are you planning to get married?"

Cyril waved his hand with a smile after hearing that. "My Lord, I already have someone I like in my heart."

The Duke of Rolle smiled and didn't say anything else when he heard Cyril. No one could tell what he was thinking.

After that brief intermission, the birthday party continued. Cyril looked at Winnie next to him from time to time, but he didn't say a word.

After the birthday party ended, Winnie went outside with a lot on her mind. At this moment, a sports car drove over and slowly stopped in front of her.

Cyril got out of the car and walked straight to Winnie as he said with a smile, "My dearest Winnie. It's been a while since we last met."

Winnie frowned. In fact, she had studied at the same college as Cyril. She was the most beautiful girl at school back then and Cyril went after her like crazy. However, Winnie didn't like him, so she didn't agree to be his girlfriend.

After that, the Wells family took the initiative to make a wedding arrangement with the Rolle family. Winnie then knew what Cyril was planning.

"Cyril, I'm already married," Winnie frowned and said.

Cyril smiled and didn't look like he cared. "Winnie, I know that. You don't have to remind me. You once refused to marry me because of that loser. But how could such a guy deserve you?"

Winnie's expression turned for the worse. Evidently, she wasn't good at dealing with such a situation.

Cyril gazed at her with an obsessed look and said, "Winnie, I mean it. I don't care about what happened in the past, as long as you're willing to be with me."

Then, some footsteps came nearby. Winnie turned around and saw Alger walking out from the dim light.

"Why are you here?" Winnie looked at Alger, who suddenly appeared, with a startled expression.

Cyril's face immediately darkened. He stared at Alger and snickered. "You're Alger, that loser?"

However, Alger only looked at Winnie in front of him with a gentle gaze, as if he didn't hear Cyril at all.

"I'm here to pick you up."

Winnie smiled and was relieved because she didn't have to be pestered by Cyril anymore. She started walking towards Alger, but the furious Cyril suddenly grabbed her arm.

"Winnie, look carefully. If you marry me, I'll definitely not slight you. I can give you everything you want. But this loser, he can't offer you any help, except for dragging you down."

Winnie didn't say anything. She shook Cyril's hand off without hesitation and walked up to Alger.

"Winnie, what you're doing is stupid. You'll regret it in the future."

"I won't." Winnie grabbed Alger's arm.

Cyril's eyes were full of anger. He looked at Alger and said, "Loser, how much do you want? A million? Five million? I can give you as much money as you want. You just need to stay away from Winnie."

Alger finally looked back at Cyril. He said softly, "Sorry, I don't need your money. Also, nobody can take my wife away. Got it?"

Cyril was shocked. This guy was just a loser. Who was he to talk to him like that?

Winnie also looked at Alger with a surprised face. He seemed to be acting a little differently. He was more domineering than he used to be.

Without any more words, Alger held Winnie's hand and walked away.

Winnie looked at Alger who was walking in front of her. She was a bit moved in her heart. He was willing to reject the five million dollars from Cyril because of her.

That was five million dollars! An amount of money countless people dreamed of having. Why did he reject it?

"If you agreed with his condition back then, you would get five million dollars. Why did you reject him?" Winnie was very confused, so she just asked.

Alger said with a smile, "You could have also been a member of the Wells family. Why did you reject it?"

"I feel like you're different than before."

"Am I? I'm still me. I've never changed."

"I have something to tell you," Alger said. He was planning to tell her about the house.

"I have something to tell you too."

"Really? You go first." Alger smiled and said very gentlemanly.

"I don't want to live at home anymore, so I'll be staying outside for a while. Come with me. Don't go back," Winnie said.

Alger was startled. He certainly knew that Winnie had a fight with her family and that she couldn't go back because of him. And yet, he had never thought she would be willing to go this far for him. Even if she was planning to stay outside, she told him right away and invited him to come with her.

Judging from this point, Winnie was truly nice to him. She didn't give up on him and even thought about him all the time.

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