2 Birth Mother

Soon, Alger came to the hospital with the money. When he went to pay the fee, the staff at the hospital told him that someone had already paid the fee and the surgery had also been scheduled for his mother, Madam Linda.

After hearing the news, Alger was startled. He asked, "Who paid the fee?"

"Alger." Before the nurse could reply, he heard someone say his name behind him.

He turned around and saw an elegant lady in luxurious clothes walking towards him.

Just when he was stunned, the lady came up and held his hands with tears welling up in her eyes. Her voice was full of excitement. She said, "Alger, I… I'm your mother."

"…" Alger was immediately stunned. He blanked out for a while before he said in hesitation, "Madam, I think you've mistaken me for someone else."

"Madam?" The lady seemed to have been hurt emotionally. Because of Alger's caution towards her, there was a faint bitterness in her expression.

She sighed and said to Alger, "Alger, I'm really your birth mother. There has always been a legend in our family that each generation can only have one child, or the other children will be in danger. I just happened to give birth to you and your brother. And since I was afraid something would happen to you, I could only send you away."

After hearing the lady's explanation, Alger kind of believed it, even though he found the whole situation ridiculous.

His mother, Madam Linda, had been all he had since he was young. His father had never been in the picture. Every time he asked his mother where his father was, his mother would frown and remain silent, avoiding his question. But when he grew older, he stopped asking about his father anymore as he was worried that his mother would be upset.

"A legend? An inexplicable legend was all it took for you to abandon a child? And I was the one who was abandoned? Even if the legend is true, why are you here to see me now? Aren't you worried that the legend would put your family in danger?"

Hearing what Alger said, the sorrow in the eyes of the woman became more prominent. She opened her mouth, as if she wished to explain more but had no idea where to start.

After a while, the lady finally calmed down and said, "Alger, I know we have wronged you, so I came here today to make it up to you. Take this card. It's the symbol of the Yuri family. You can use the money inside however you want. With this card, you'll receive the same rights as someone from the Yuri family…"

The lady forced that gilded Black Card into Alger's hand and looked at him with anticipation.

"I'm sorry, madam. My feelings cannot be compensated by money. Even if there's a million dollars in the card, I won't…"

"No, this card has no limit. You can use as much money as you want," the lady said.

Alger's eyes immediately widened. He lowered his head and looked at the Black Card in his hands. His brain couldn't even comprehend.

A card without a limit…

He swallowed subconsciously and suddenly felt that the card was very heavy.

"I won't take it. You should take it back. Besides, I'm still not certain if I'm your son or not. We'll talk about it in the future." Alger hesitated for a while before returning the card to the lady.

Alger was very polite. No matter what, the lady was still the one who paid for his mother's surgery.

"Alger, you must take this card," the lady said as she forcibly put the Black Card in Alger's hand and continued, "This is my contact number. If you need anything, you can contact me."

Thereafter, she left quickly, as if she was worried that Alger would return the card again.

A long while after the lady left, Alger was still a bit shocked by the situation. He couldn't even react.

As he held the card in his hands, she suddenly felt like he was dreaming. When he needed money the most, someone who claimed to be his mother came to him and gave him a Black Card with no limit. Was this truly not a joke?

After collecting himself, he went to see his mother. He saw that his mother was still asleep, so he asked a nurse to keep an eye on her before departing to a bank.

After verifying the authenticity of the Black Card, Alger felt dizzy.

Perhaps that elegant lady was truly his birth mother and that he was really the Young Master of a wealthy family?

Walking on the street with the Black Card in his pocket, Alger felt like everyone around him looked like thieves. He had not seen so much money his entire life so he wasn't really used to it.

After dealing with his mother's surgery, he remembered the voices of those people ridiculing Winnie when he left the Rolle Manor. He was a bit worried about Winnie, so he went to the manor again.

He only knew that Winnie had already gone home when he reached the manor. There was suddenly an ominous premonition in Alger's heart.

Even though he and Winnie were just husband and wife by agreement and were not really an actual couple, they had been living together for two years after all. He knew Winnie well.

So, he could kind of guess what Winnie was going to do in his mind.

He quickly went back home. When he took out the key from his pocket, he could already hear the voice of his mother-in-law, Madam Bella, inside.

"Winnie, I'll never agree to this. This house is where we live. How can we sell it? Not to mention you're doing this for a guy like him. I'll never allow you to do something like this!"

"Mom, Alger's mother is sick. He has to pay for her surgery. We can buy a house again in the future after selling it, but it'll truly be too late if his mother loses her life," Winnie said.

Alger had borrowed US$500,000 from Aries. Winnie knew Aries didn't have such a kind heart. If Alger couldn't pay him back, he would truly make Alger's life difficult.

Their family didn't have much money. The only valuable thing their family had was the house they were living in right now, so she wanted to sell the house first to help pay for the treatment of Alger's mother.

Ever since she married Alger, he had always been protecting her. He had been ridiculed and bullied by Aries and the others countless times. Winnie could never forget those moments and pretend like nothing had ever happened.

Besides, she knew how important Madam Linda was to Alger. She was his only family. In the past two years, Alger went from working hard in the beginning to being dispirited in the end because he had suffered too many blows. If something were to happen to Madam Linda, he wouldn't be able to hold on anymore.

Their family had always been disliked by other family members, and she was often bullied by the others as well. Only her father and Alger were truly nice to her, so she didn't want Alger to suffer from another heavy blow.

"Winnie, do I have to remind you of the status of your father in the Rolle family? If we sell this house, we won't be able to buy another one in our entire lifetime. A loser like Alger is just like your father. He'll never be successful!"

"And Winnie, let me remind you. You're not real husband and wife. When the time is up, you'll get a divorce. You don't need to care about such a guy at all."

While they were conversing, Alger still hadn't heard the voice of his father-in-law, Mr. Dunne, behind the door.

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