3 An Expensive Gift

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Alger held the key in his hand as he listened to the voices inside. He didn't want to go in the house.

For the last couple years, Madam Bella had never liked him. She would constantly mock him whenever she had the chance. However, his wife, Winnie, had always been a kind girl. She had never shown him the cold-shoulder.

Alger held onto the door handle, preparing himself mentally. And just as he was about to open the door to enter, Winnie's voice came from inside again.

"Right, Alger and I are indeed not real husband and wife, but so what? We've been living together for so long, and he has been so nice to me. How could I possibly feel nothing at all? I'm also a person, a person with flesh and blood!" Winnie was having a bit of an emotional breakdown. Faint sobbing could be heard inside.

Outside the door, warmth flooded through Alger's heart.

"He's nice to you? If he truly thought about you, he would have not stayed at home and done nothing all day, letting you be looked down on by others. Let me tell you, this house belongs to your father and I. It's where we live. I'll never agree to sell it!" Madam Bella said firmly.

It suddenly became silent inside. Nobody said anything anymore.

"Fine. Since this house belongs to you and father. I'll move out. Are you happy now?" Winnie said a bit stubbornly.

Alger sensed footsteps coming to the door. He quickly hid in a corner on the side.

As expected, Winnie opened the door and rushed out the next second.

She didn't notice Alger was hiding on the side as she dashed out.

Alger looked at her back, feeling a bit guilty in his mind all of a sudden.

Winnie's father was indeed not taken seriously by the Rolle family as he was the bastard son of the Duke of Rolle, so people in the family didn't really like Winnie's family. As for Winnie, even though she worked hard in the family business, she was just a normal employee so she didn't have much money.

Considering this, Alger didn't ask Winnie for money. Besides, Winnie had been suffering from the hurtful remarks from everyone for the past two years because of him, lowering herself to the family. However, as her husband, he couldn't do anything.

"Winnie, don't worry. I'll definitely give you a better life." Alger made a decision in his mind. Once the birthday party of the Duke of Rolle ended, he would go buy a house and move in there with Winnie.

The most important thing right now was his mother's illness. He must go to the hospital and take good care of her.

In the evening, the Rolle Manor became lively again. The birthday party of the Duke of Rolle was still going on.

Winnie, who ran out from home, appeared at the birthday party again.

When Aries saw her, he asked with an arrogant smile, "Winnie, where did you go just now? Did you go and sell your house?"

Winnie looked at him coldly and didn't answer him. She just found a corner and sat down.

The face of Aries, who was completely ignored, darkened. He had always been the descendant who received a lot of attention in the Rolle family. Everyone usually obeyed him, so he was very dissatisfied with Winnie's attitude.

Aries snickered and said as he gritted his teeth, "Winnie, if that loser doesn't pay me back by the deadline, he'll become my servant. And you, you'll be the wife of a servant. Hahaha…"

Winnie gritted her teeth. It was the birthday party of the Duke of Rolle today. And she didn't want her grandpa to be upset, so she could only endure Aries' ridicule and remain silent.

Everyone looked at Winnie who was in the corner. They teased and sneered at her. A glint of embarrassment flashed through Winnie's eyes, but she could only keep tolerating them.

The Duke of Rolle certainly saw the situation here. And yet, he wasn't planning to interfere at all. He talked to the others happily in the main seat.

For Winnie, such a birthday party was very boring. Even if there was good wine and delicious food on the table, she wasn't interested at all.

She was very worried about Alger. Although he had already gotten the money from Aries, he still had to pay a million dollars after two weeks. Where could he get so much money?

"Winnie, you should eat something," while she was in deep thought, the cousin next to her, Leia, suddenly said.

Winnie felt warm in her heart as she smiled at Leia.

However, just when she was about to reply, Leia continued, "I bet Alger, that loser, has no money to buy you any luxurious food. You can finally try them today, so eat some more."

Winnie's expression froze and her expression darkened. She had already swallowed the humiliation, but they still weren't willing to leave her alone.

Leia and Aries looked at each other and couldn't help but laugh.

As if she didn't see Winnie's expression, Leia said again, "Winnie, where's Alger that loser? Why didn't he come? He probably would never eat the food here ever again. It's truly a shame he's not here."

"Yea, Winnie, why don't you call him. He'll certainly come when he knows how much delicious food we have here," Aries also said with a smile.

Winnie's beautiful face gradually turned pale. She clenched her fists on the sides of her body tightly.

"My Lord, someone outside sent you a gift," as Winnie was feeling trapped, a butler walked in slowly and said to the Duke of Rolle respectfully.

"What gift? From who?" Everyone was astonished at the same time.

Aries suddenly looked at Winnie and said with a mocking tone, "Is it from your family?"

Winnie couldn't help but frown, and everyone in the room burst into laughter.

Winnie's father was the bastard son of the Duke of Rolle. He had always been someone who was rarely seen. Even the Duke of Rolle didn't want to admit that he was his son deep down, so although it was his birthday party today, Winnie's parents weren't invited.

Hearing that, the smile on the face of the Duke of Rolle immediately disappeared.

"The man only delivered the gift here and he left right after." The butler then took out a box with exquisite packaging.

Everyone was shocked. Sending a gift but not showing up, what did that mean?

"My Lord, should I open it?" the butler asked carefully.

"Open it," the Duke of Rolle frowned and said.

Then, the butler opened the box. When he saw what was inside, he couldn't help but exclaim.

In the nicely packaged box was a crystal clear white jade lying there quietly. He could tell it was a white jade of high quality at a glance.


Clamors of exclamation came one after another among the crowd.

The Duke of Rolle had always been fond of jades and he was also quite an expert on them. His eyes popped out after taking just a look.

Such a large piece of white jade was carved into the shape of a Yuri. The patterns on it were also very complex. It looked expensive. The most important thing was that a piece of jade of this quality was rarely found in the market.

For a wonderful treasure like this, how could the average person get it, not to mention Winnie's family.

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