The Extra Wants Control

Our protagonist, once a homeless child navigating the city's harsh realities, clawed his way towards a better life. He stole coins to buy knowledge. However, the prestigious university scholarship he craved was a rigged system, awarded to a politician's son who needed the name, not the education. Descends into a life of crime.After being forced to taint his pride his death is ordered with his own making the final blow. god "congratulations you're given a chance at a new life..." him " why?" god "cause you had a tough life so im being generous... and making you reincarnate in a mana world..." him " bullshit..." On the brink of oblivion, a dubious offer arrives – a second chance from a strange god. Haunted by the shadows of past 'generosity', Rei struggles with suspicion. Accepting means becoming a pawn, rejecting means eternal damnation. With no good options, Rei plays along, unaware his role thrusts him into a cosmic conflict. NONHAREM.

Kas73_ · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
176 Chs

The opportunity...

"Why me?"I asked a bit skeptical. I wanted to know...

"Intriguing. You question a god's motives. A quality I find... refreshing. Most mortals are just too excited to get benefits... Unfortunately you are not special... You are a random choice... Maybe you were lucky... But what I offer you is..."

"Reincarnation," god guy raised his voice something that echoed around...

"Reincarnation, my mortal friend. A chance to start anew, in a world of magic... Interesting isn't it?"

"Perhaps a world not entirely unfamiliar to you..." He said.

" What are you saying?" I asked

" You'll find out soon enough... But I think you are indeed most suited for this ..."

" What do you mean."

"Pity, perhaps? Your life was not an easy one.Betrayal, violence, and a whole bunch of human misery. Consider this a… well, a do-over. A chance to write a different story."

The concept of a do-over was tempting, almost unbelievable.

But there was more to it, I could sense it. The offer felt too generous, too convenient. "And for you? What fo you get in helping me?" I asked.

" Just think of it as generosity. Perhaps maybe curiosity and some bit of experimenting. You may not understand this but... you see, world creation with living organisms hasn't happened since… well, since the Genesis as you mortals call it, to put it in terms you might understand the universe is stagnant. The universe became a vast and lonely place, and I believe it's time to inject a little… liveliness, change up a few things." He said.

Why was he talking like that? Ever since the beginning I kinda understand what he is saying but at the same time I'm confused by the flow of his speech?! Can't he just speak normally...

But I understood the most part and asked...

"There's more to this, isn't there? Maybe some form of entertainment for you, or maybe some grand scheme in which I'm a pawn in?"

" Maybe there is maybe there isn't... ," he said.

"Just consider it a… a symbiotic relationship that's it. This world needs… 'something'. And you, mortal, might just be it."

This seemed really shady but...

I didn't care or maybe I wasn't strong enough to care about the god's motives, but that didn't mean I was completely powerless( maybe I was). Still I would be his little experiment, yes, but on my own terms.

Honestly it was all too much to process. And truth be told, part of me didn't even care. The alternative was oblivion, so be an experiment or be tortured for eternity... The one I'm going to pick is pretty apparent.

" So since I'm reincarnating can I get some perks?"

" Enough talk," god shouted...

"A new world awaits. As for 'perks'… consider your second chance a gift in itself. This world has a way of drawing out the best or probably the worst from a soul."

My request for perks had been met with a dismissive shooing gesture.

He literally said that 'reincarnation itself was a gift.' This god is stingy.

A world that nurtured the potential within souls and that was the perk I was given?

Aren't I given the same opportunity with everyone else though?

Also I'm not a native of that world will things be okay? Cause my soul ain't from their will I have the same 'perk' ?


[???? Pov]

I couldn't stop myself from smiling as I flung the mortal through the portal to that worldm

Seriously mortals overestimate themselves or do they just underestimate us?

I saw and heard everything...

From his dissatisfaction with the lack of flashy perks, his 'hidden' resentment at the thought of being a pawn... everything was so transparent. And his fear of everything that eas happening, meeting me and what will happen when he gets to that world... He really thought he could hide these? Sighh...

He was too optimistic to say the least...

He was inquisitive, yes, and possessed a tenacity that bordered on arrogance. Perfect. Good candidate indeed..

" Crack..."

Something was forcing itself into my domain...

My senses roared, something was seriously coming to my domain with obvious malice?

A figure materialized before me, clad in black armor.

"The Celestial Court has grown stale," he shouted... His aura flaring as he tried to take over or contaminate my domain...

"By HIS order... The time for change has come and your with head marks its beginning."


I wore my own armor and my trusted spear, a weapon that with me had witnessed the rise and fall of countless civilizations, enemies and trials.

This upstart, part of a growing faction yearning for a new order. And who is 'HE' another one trying to be an usurper?

But why am I getting underestimated today... A one-on-one brawl?

I spun my spear recalling the weight of ot in my hand reassuringly familiar.

With no further talk...


My spear hit his sword and he was sent flying back... Since it was my domain I materialized more spears and influence them with my 'authority'... They peirced him and he died... Though his existence was being pulled back to someone or something that wasn't the system...

But he weren't alone.

Soon more figures materialized, sigh... This was gonna be annoying...

I was outnumbered, but not necessarily outmatched.

I swung my spear, cut, strapped and impaled but they were unending... I only remember fighting amd fighting...

As good as I was still fatigue got to me.

I fought and fought... but in the end, it wasn't the sheer number of attackers that brought me down, but a presence beyond the crack.

Something I've never felt before... It was 'alien'.

"He is here" the soldiers mummered...

So this 'he' is him... The leader of this "change," as they called it.

He 'looked' at me, I couldn't see him but I felt he looked at me... with a great indifference.

"The era of old gods is over, A new era dawns." he pronounced.

"Any last words?" He offered the question.

He was really strong I knew it... I felt it. The old order can hold him off for a while but I don't think they can defeat him...

A smile formed on my face. "The game continues," I said, drawing upon the last of my power.

With a final burst of energy, I reached into it, the Akashic Record and severed the link between Rei's reincarnation and the record... Still that could help him for only a while...

There would be no divine restrictions upon him, no limitations impossd upon his potential. He can go as far as he wanted...

Sure didn't get the perks he craved, but I'd given him something far greater, made him

'whole', a birthright stolen from him in another life.

But... Anyone who wants to find him can.

Not necessarily directly but from his relationships with the people he'll interact with it's not that solid but it will help... I hope.