The Extra's Weight.

A handsome, young college student reads a webnovel his friends recommended him to read. After completing it, he goes to sleep. But when he wakes up... he finds himself in a bit of a pickle. And by that, I mean, a reality-bending, butt-clenching, heart-wrenching problem. Follow the story of Samuel Francis, an extra character that the original novel never mentioned as he steals opportunities from future villains to strengthen himself and ensure survival. But, will he ever be able to return back to Earth, to his family and friends? A few points to note before you read: 1) The main character(the reader who gets transmigrated) is a GRAVITY MAGE. Meaning, he can manipulate gravity and attack opponents with it. (That's why the name, The Extra's Weight) 2) He can also use one other type of magic, called 'Energy Magic', which is basically null-magic, or non-elemental magic. 3) This novel DOESN'T have a sentient system. Actually, the system very rarely even makes an appearance. 4) NO HAREM. 5) Actual, slow-burn romance. 6) Main Character isn't some emo villain who uses people and avoids social contact. 7) If you don't like things like entire chapters dedicated to grinding materials or rare artefacts and talismans, you won't enjoy this novel. But if you do, you'll love it. 8) There's a lot of info dump in the first few chapters. And there will be more later on. This novel is inspired by 'Novel's Extra' and 'Author's POV'. But keep in mind, the story of this novel is nothing like the two of them.

Xeanos · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
60 Chs


"Shit.", I cursed at my own bad luck.

Concentration was active so I didn't feel much emotion, but I was still quite annoyed.

Why couldn't I have just one thing smoothly?

I dodged the barrage of snow it threw towards me when it landed.

Right after that, it picked up its head and half of its body into the air, like a snake.

Suddenly, multiple holes opened up all over its body and green smoke started coming out of them.

'Poison Gas...', I thought. The situation was actually quite beneficial for me now.

I had my energy magic to perfectly defend against that, so it was useless against me.

'Purifying Aura', I casted. A spell that purifies poison and miasma in the caster's surroundings.

The spell was powerful, but it consumed a lot of mana, so I didn't like to use it too often. But here, it was simply the most efficient thing to do.

I ignored the poison gas and charged towards the centipede. Its holes were still open, spewing out poison gas. A grave mistake.

I immediately casted 5 consecutive 'Gravity Bullets' aimed at the holes. 3 of them went inside the holes. Within a few seconds, I could hear its internal organs being crushed from the inside because of the implosion the spell creates.

It was phenomenal. The sound, even though sounded disgusting, was music to my ears.

However, it wasn't over yet. The centipede ignored the pain and lunged at me.

Right before it could hit me, however, I casted 'Force Smash', violently repelling the centipede away from me.

The centipede lost its balance, but soon regained it by stabbing its million legs into the snow.

'Its gone into the defensive, now...', I thought as I brainstormed ways to defeat the monster.

Now that it went into the defensive, it was actually harder for me to fight it. I didn't have much mana to spare, and killing it would take a very long time because of its high resistances.

Also, it is highly unlikely that it will use the same poison attack again, because it has now learnt that that attack doesn't work on me.

'What to do... Ah! I could do that, although it will take all the mana I have, and will probably make me faint. But its the only choice.', I got an idea of how I could end the fight quickly.

'Dark Press', I casted on the centipede, increasing its already massive weight 2 folds.

'Dark Spear.', 'Reinforcement.', 'Dark Mass.'

The spells were all quite high-leveled for me, so it required extra mana to cast.

'Dark Spear' was a spell similar to 'Stone Barrage', only difference being that this spell created 2 sharp spears with heavily condensed tips and not just randomly compressed rocks. The spears were also homing, much like Stone Barrage.

'Dark Mass' was another gravity spell. It was basically a buff-type spell for gravity spells. It boosted the 'Weight Property Mana' in the spells, which made them heavier, in turn producing more gravity, which means more power.

'Reinforcement', I already explained previously.

Anyways, all of these spells are very mana-costly, so I felt like immediately fainting from all the mana that was drained out of me.

'Damnit. This small MP pool is getting really annoying!', I thought as I staggeringly aimed all the spells towards the centipede and released them.

The spells did their job. The 2 spears of condensed rock pierced through its tough scales and killed it.

Although, I felt like absolute shit. Now that the battle was over, I deactivated Concentration to save Mana, which gave me a crippling headache. On top of this, I was dizzy and fatigued from the excessive mana consumption. Also, I had to deactivate the temperature control spell I was using too. For saving mana.

I felt like dying.

Ever had a hangover so bad that you never wanna drink again, but your friend forces you to anyway? And on top of that, you are forced to drink the alcohol while sitting in an ice bath? yeah, that's how I felt like.

Absolute dogshit.

'Hah... I miss my home...', I thought as I strugglingly sat beside a boulder.

'Damnit... I feel like crying... I miss my old school...', the tears were threatening to fall.

'Damnit...', I couldn't hold them back. Small, but real tear drops were falling down my cheeks.

I tucked my head into my folded knees and clasped my hands around my head, going into an airplane 'Brace For Impact' position.

'So pathetic... I wanna go home... I don't want to live in this god-forsaken world, where your life is constantly on the line... I want comfort... I want a normal and quiet life... I want to live! I want to be able to go outside and go where I want! I want to be able to make a family if I want! I want to...! I want to.... *Sigh...', I wiped my tears and focused back on my current situation.

'Crying and Moaning won't help... I better get this over with as quickly as possible...', I manned up and started meditating.

The cold was intense but not deadly. I was an Enhanced Awakened, and my gravity robes have a temperature control feature in it too. Although it wasn't as good as an energy magic spell, it was enough to keep me alive.

After about 10 minutes, my headache slowly subsided and I managed to completely focus on meditating, although it was freezing cold.

This chapter is shorter than most, but its definitely good. We get to see some of the weaker sides of Samuel. He still has attachment to his original world. We'll see what happens in the future.

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