33 Chapter 33 : Meeting Roan

Clank Clank

After some nice and relaxing days, I got back to my training routine and found Frederick to see how much my skills have improved after all the things I have through.

The sound of metal crashing reverted across the training room as both of us clashed with each other.


Frederick reversed my move with the staff hitting me hard in the gut.

Panting hard I lay on the floor I looked left where Frederick was standing with a large metal staff.

The training session can be said to be one-way beatings for me. I have to give him credit. This guy level in spear is way above others. He is already at the intermediate stage or he may have already reached advance.

I wanted to increase the level of my swordsmanship but it will take time. I want to overcome the gap in one or two months which take at least a year.

"Huff. Huff, I want to take a break but I can't, I have to push myself.

Even if I request him for a break this bastard gonna ignore me. He turned into a demon while training with no shred of Mercy.

Fredrick noticed my thoughts but ignored my deadbeat conditions putting the metal staff on his shoulder.

" No rest, if you want to take a break then you have to defeat me."He spoke.

"Just wait, one day I will surpass you and everything gonna be altered" I mumbled.

Helplessly I lifted my tired body dragging myself to fight.

The beating may be hard but still, training is much more fun than sitting and studying for the whole day.


As soon as I stood up without any rest Frederick appeared before me and swung the staff vertically over my head. The staff tore the air on its path aiming for my head.

Holding the sword horizontally I defended it but the strength difference was too much.

"Argh".I grumbled in pain.

Unable to bear down the weight ,I kneeled on the ground on one knee while trying to stop myself from falling.

Fredrick has used 70℅ of his strength in his move. He was quite surprised seeing me able to bear the blow which he thought would knock me out.

Still, he didn't wait and taking back he swung it again towards me vertically, I ducked it jumping up and tried to stab him midair.

His expression changed for a second but it disappeared as soon as it appeared as he barely avoided it.

"Nice but still not enough," Fredrick spoke.

With a faint smile on his lips, he changed the arc of the swing in mid-air hitting at the side.


The last thing I heard was the sound of staff hitting and I slammed down on the ground as I was helpless in mid-air unable to defend it causing me to fall on the ground on my face.


I wish my telekinesis improved to a level where it can be used in the practical fight so that at least I can stabilise myself in mid-air.

I groaned as I hit the ground with the strong force because of Fredrick's staff. Gritting my teeth I tried to hold the pain within me.

Still, it hurts.

"Training like this sure gonna increase my tolerance to pain".I chuckled sarcastically.

" You have grown so much by the time I haven't seen you. Are you doing some secret training or have taken something that forcefully raises your strength. If you have I kindly request you to refrain from those things otherwise I will be the first one to report."Leisurely putting the metal staff Frederick looked at Lucas suspiciously.

In the three weeks, while he had not fought with Lucas, his strength has gone up quite a bit. Before he knew how to fight and move in his mind theoretically but still he couldn't do it practically.

But now he seems to make up his deficiencies in his moves and fights.

Ever since the day Fredrick started to have friendly spar he has noticed he is quite talented in sword but more than that it's his will that refuses to go back down no matter the suffering, pushing him to the limit.

He always goes through his mistake and tries to absorb everything he can from his fights.

Only those who work hard and try to better themselves regardless of their talent or bloodline are the people he wants on his side and are admired by him.

He already had enough of the nobles always bragging about their bloodline and talent.

Fredrick wished for Lucas to rise to a good position in future despite his low bloodline.

After finishing my spar I was lost in thought. Before fighting with Fredrick I fought Parth for a few minutes after which he left

Enemies like Parth are quite a headache for me due to their hiding and assassin skills. Unless one has a high perception of who can know from where they can attack you are going to get defeated by them.

In this world, you have to be wary of them. As a paid assassin for nobles will be on your back if you mess someone up.

Fight with Parth made me realise that perceptions should be my priority when I use stat points in the future to level up.


The sound of someone getting beat reached my ear as I was on my way to my room.

"Give me the money you have".

" Please leave me, I don't have much money."A boy asked grabbing the other boy's collar.

Standing at the turning of the corridor, I peeked at a student getting bullied.

"Unlucky fellow, why you have to catch the eyes of this troublesome kid".

The boy punched him in the gut again holding his collar asking for money.

Running my brain, I calculated the scenarios if I help this fellow.

Both of them seemed to be 1-Star. Asking for money surely means this fellow is just poor.

He shouldn't have any backing, I guess.

Finally, time to use some tricks. Taking out the towel I wrapped at my neck to take precautions if he was able to react before I take him down and see my face.

Using dashed step I appeared behind him and before he can turn around I wrapped his head with the towel and knocked him down.

"Aaahh" The bullied boy screamed in horror.

"Who are you, please leave me I don't have anything on me".The bullied boy looked at me trembling in fear.

My lips twitched as the boy thought of me as a thief instead of the hero who saved him.

Maybe he is right after getting bullied , it must have surely put a toll on one's mindset.

Without giving him time to reply, I pulled his hand gesturing him to follow me quickly in a hurry as if the boy woke up he will be in trouble.


Opening the door of my room, I entered with him.

Hurrying to hide my identity, I also pulled him to my room subconsciously without any thinking.

The boy flinched with my stare. He looked at me with fear in his eyes.

" Is there something on my face or do I look like a criminal or demon?" I asked.

The boy shook his head to deny but his face was telling something else.

"Then why are you afraid of me. Do you think I will eat or take everything from you".


He swallowed his saliva as if my assumptions are correct


' I should have left this fellow on his own.'

Pondering for a moment I looked straight at his eyes.

" Listen I am also a commoner. I think, I can understand what you are going through that's why I helped you".

"Now I don't want anything except to keep this matter secret. Okay,"I looked at his nervous face.

" Yes, I promise you I will not tell to anyone else".

"In the whole class did he only find you for money".

He nodded.

I raised my eyebrows.

" No, no he knows me from before. I always cower in fear in fights. So he must have thought I was easy to bully. That's why he is causing me trouble".

" Are you sure he doesn't have some backing like a strong person or he is a lackey of some noble"?

"No, I don't think so".

Hush I breathed in relief cause who know this coward may spill the beans. So I have to at least understand the person I have to confront.

"I don't know maybe he has someone backing".

I facepalmed. The relief I just had got drowned was followed by fear of what I had to confront.

" Let's leave it. If it comes to worst I just had to side with Fredrick openly and use him as a shield as I can't remain low key in my whole life".

Even I tried to remain low key I had failed miserably in that aspect.

He stepped back a few steps at my glare.

"Honestly just how did this idiot manage to enter here. Did he enter through the backdoor".Just a stare from someone makes him flinch.

"How will he meet the dangers that are up ahead".

" No no, even the king can't interfere in the admission of the student on the horizon".

"Next I found someone like him I will just leave them behind".

The matter may be not troublesome for others but I have to be careful if the boy gets back on him and after finding out how knocked him down who knows he may come for me with his gang.

If this matter blows out too much I will just push it on Fredrick.

"Just take a sit here".

As he walked towards the sofa cautiously as if each step was costing money. I went towards the kitchen warming water to make some coffee to drink.

A couple of seconds coming back with two cups of hot coffee I passed him one sitting beside him.

Taking a sip he thanked me.

"Call me Lucas"

The coffee tasted good. I thought

" Huuh, My name is Roan nice to meet you."

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