25 Chapter 25 : Upgrade

Tiring... Tiring...

Stretching my back lazily I got up. My left hand was bandaged to recover my dislocated arm

I looked at my bank balance. I had killed 13 F ranked monsters with 2 E ranks. With the share decided I got 40,000R from Skies.

Yesterday after the fight we rushed out of the dungeon to avoid any more trouble.

Scotch and Reynolds were at the entrance with Gerrick and a few men following him behind. All of them were 4 Star. The mana emitted from the gate of the dungeon changed to D and was still rising.

They were afraid so they decided to go inside to take a look if we don't return by the scheduled time.

Aaron explained everything and I also got a green signal to join the skies mercenary. My earnings would be sent to my account.

I wanted to talk about the meeting but my mental awareness was at the limit. My body was screaming for rest. So I hurriedly returned to the academy.

My left arm could be fixed by low ranked potion but I refused to take the potion and wanted to heal it naturally, I also asked for a leave today using my broken hand as an excuse and also added saying my mind was in mess and I wouldn't able to bear in the class.

I faked saying that I met an accident on my way.

Taking a leave for a day was quite rare and it was even rarer for 1st year.

I have been forcing myself to meet the deadlines. The gaps in my mind and body movement have been almost fixed giving me air to breathe.

But the real reason I took holiday was to upgrade my bloodline. I could have done it tomorrow but I decided to do it after relaxing myself.

There may be side effects while upgrading and don't know if there will be any pain while changing it or if I will be unconscious.

I remember the pain Frederick suffered as he went through baptism to cleanse his body and upgrade its bloodline.

Opening the shop I look for exp. I have 206,289 experience points little above my bottom line.

My hand was trembling to click on the potion. I was hesitating at the moment.

"Should I wait and buy platinum."

" No, I can't waste any more time. I don't know about the future I shouldn't be too greedy."

" One step at a time, "I told myself.

Reminding myself I clicked. Mana swirled on my hand and magically a potion in a test tube appeared in my hand.

The potion was a golden colour. Maybe its colour has something to do with the bloodline.

I can't get enough of this magic trick of things appearing out of thin air.


Drinking the potion I sat cross-legged waiting for any side effects to kick in.

My body started heating up and my stomach started churning. Slowly veins started appearing, starting from my head following my neck then my hands.

I could feel the pain of something changing within me. My bones and muscles along my whole body are changing.

The surrounding mana sucked through my pores. I looked like a zombie with veins. I think can even get a contract for a horror movie.

Gritting my teeth I endured but it was increasing.



Unable to hold in I screamed in pain.

The pain was too unbearable. I was feeling as if a thousand needles had pricked my skin.

Pant. Pant.

Hush. Hush.

After five minutes of torture, the pain started slowing down. My floor was wet with my sweat.

My vision started to blur but the rotten smell of my body kept my consciousness.

My body seemed to cover with a sticky substance which give a terrible stench, maybe the potions also removed the impurities in my body.

My left arm seemed to heal.

Quickly cleaning myself I looked in the mirror.

Previously my height was 171 cm. I could be said to be shorter in heights where the average height in this comes across 174 cm but now my height seems to increase by 5 cm. My skin seemed to be smooth and glowing and it also looked better.

If before I could be said above average now I can say to be somewhat handsome still not comparable to Fredrick while muscle seemed to be more refined.

I sat cross-legged and circulated my mana. It was flowing more efficiently.

"Wait the blockage of my mana while flowing seems to be gone".

" Oh, My God."

Realizing the gain, I wanted to dance. My mana control has surely improved by upgrading to gold.

Just what will happen when I will upgrade to platinum and then diamond.

I looked at my status to see if I got any bloodline ability.



Name: Lucas Brightt

Bloodline Grade : Golden

Level : 1-star

Combat Power : F-

Strength : 1-star +

Agility : 2-Star-

Stamina : -1-star+

Perception : 2-Star-

Magic Power : 1-star+

Stat points:0


Profession :

[Swordsmanship level:Beginner]

Your understanding of swords is at the beginner level. The more level you increased the easier it becomes for you to grasp the concept of the arts.

Bloodline ability :


It is the ability allowing you to influence a physical system without any physical interaction. You can move objects from a distance by your thoughts which depends on your magic power.


The world around me started spinning after I saw my bloodline ability.

It means my ancestors must be strong warriors.

I don't think there is any bloodline ability as overpowered as this.

Please God don't wake me up if this is a dream. I don't even know if there is any God still I prayed earnestly.

Come to think of it how did my family fall so low if they did have such a strong bloodline.

With this type of bloodline, I can see my future being overpowered. The scenes of the anime where one character can lift a building with a wave of their hand flashed through my mind.

My magic power which was struck at 1 Star has also been upgraded.

It means my trouble has become less.

"But what will I say to Harris?"

Let's think about it another time first let me check my bloodline ability.

Let's try to lift the phone.

Staring at my phone with utmost concentration I thought in my mind of the phone coming towards me.

But it didn't happen. I tried one more time but still failed.

I raised my hand and moved my finger for something to happen.


The phone started raising but it failed as soon as it was raised.

After failing for, don't know how many times. I was finally able to hold the phone in the midair for 3 seconds.

"This looks easy I should try lifting some weights."

Going into my mini-training room pointing my hands at the small 1 kg weight I used telekinesis.

It moved an inch still I tried hard. My face turned red. I gritted my teeth and used all the mana in my body.

Just as I manage to lift it my vision went blind and I fall to the floor drenched in sweat.

"Haha hahaha." I laughed crazily.

Overpowered my ass. I knew it, there is no way my luck would be this good.

Telekinesis may be great but the mana expenditure that comes along with is also too much.

I knew the goddess of luck wouldn't be so kind to give an ability that is not even mentioned in the novel.

If luck was really in my favour then I would have been reborn in some noble's house rather than in the commoner's house as an extra cherry on top of the cake.

Recovering my mana, I experimented with my newfound ability.

Taking some rest I looked at my phone.

My mother messaged as usual about my well asking me how my days are going on.

I informed them about my joining of mercenaries. After losing my mother in the previous world I don't want to hide anything from her in this new life.

I came clean and shared everything except the danger I faced in the dungeon.

At first, they were worried and they asked if I need money I can ask them.

Somehow I managed to stop them and convinced them that I want to just get stronger. I just went into a low-level dungeon and am not in any danger.

Having a caring mother in this world is the only comfort I have.

I can't wait for the day when I see them in real.

I was about to close my phone when I got a message from Frederick asking about my absence.


"This bastard will surely get me trouble one day."

It's not that I don't like him but associating with him is a huge risk.

As two students have already messed up their life trying to harm him.

If people find me often near him. I doubt one day I will be kidnapped by one of the villains to lay a trap for him.

I didn't want to message him, still forcing myself I messaged about me being alright.

Without waiting for him to reply I switched off the phone.

"So where was I."

" Should I train more or leave it for today".

It's already 9 PM.


Let's leave it for today otherwise, I will surely have a mental breakdown. This week has been quite chaotic for me. Still, it was quite fruitful.

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