24 Chapter 24 : Dungeon Exploration [4]

In this current dungeon, the time difference is the same so I can only hunt for today and tomorrow I have to start attending the academy again.

My experience points have crossed a hundred thousand and with just a couple more I can finally buy the golden bloodline.

Though I have exp to buy silver bloodline I don't want to waste it on silver. Going over it, I concluded that silver will not hold any significant benefit over bronze in long run.

I am also not sure about going to hunt in dungeons every weekend as who knows what trouble may come up.

We hunted more monsters just like yesterday. Our strategy remained the same lower-ranked will be hunted by me while stronger ones for others.

Though I may not have been in a team before, I managed to secure my spot and slowly I can feel as if I am part of this small family with everyone to watch my back.

Aaron was fighting with a crocodilator at the side of the small lake. The crocodilator was quite fearsome. Morgana used her earth spell to block its mouth using a piece of rock blocking its jaw.

"Watch closely kid".Calling out to me Aaron axe started to shine brightly, he have a huge swing. A big arc flew towards the crocodilator. Sensing the danger it tried to evade but the arc went past it tearing it into two half.

" See when you can control mana to quite an extent you can use aura with any type of weapon. My talent is low that's why I awakened it at 6 stars but a genius can awaken it at 5 stars or 4 stars".

Nodding my head I remember, Frederick was able to use aura, In case of emergency, his spear can forcefully help him to produce aura. His spear is the strongest weapon in the novel which even has spirituality like a living person. His spear can be said to be a cheat.

But still, Aaron use of aura was quite intimidating. I have asked him about covering mana on the sword this is why he used aura saying it's the next level and one has to reach advanced in weapon mastery, while I was still at the beginner stage.

Shaking my head we moved. We tried to squeeze.. sorry hunt as much we can. Aaron behaviour has surely affected me. I muttered inwardly. Esper was right I should stay far from him.

The evening was drawing and I have finally managed to get 200,000 exp. Tears of happiness flowed out of my eyes. I can finally able to upgrade my bloodline but my moment of joy was short-lived.

Aaron suddenly stopped walking and before we can ask what was going on. Aaron shouted to get out from the place


A huge troll landed where we were standing before. Its huge greatsword was struck in the ground creating an 8m huge fissure.

The pressure it released was quite heavy. Before its landing everyone moved from the spot while Aaron jumped, pulling me with him to gain the distance.

Scanning around, its gaze met Aaron with me at his side. It stared at us with cold eyes, and along with the pressure it emitted,it was enough to give me goosebumps.

I was shaking. My legs were feeling numb I felt the fear like the time I was facing the brown wolf. I felt like my trauma of suffering death was surfacing again. My heart was beating fast, my throat had become dry.

Kurghh. Shrikkkk.


A huge troll was in front of us and it was B rank on top of that. All of us were stupified at the sudden appearance of the monster.

Even if it is a boss monster it should be D to C rank but B rank is way beyond what one can imagine finding in E dungeon.

My mind was in so much mess that I subconsciously searched over my head for any sign of protagonist halo that attracts calamity.

"Just what of kind shit luck is this".

"All of you stay back as much as possible".

Aaron sent me back and went to meet his opponent. His mood was quite heavy.

Unless we somehow pissed the troll, otherwise why it will come looking for us. Either it was the head of the gang or we accidentally killed its relative. The latter seemed more doable to me.

"Lucas stand back and just observe ".


He wants me to see what high-level fights look like.

Aaron covered his axe with his aura. Mana flowed through his body strengthening him.

" One can even cover his body in mana".

Once awakened your body also becomes refined, even an ordinary blade would find it hard to damage.

Aaron and the troll disappeared from my eyesight and clashed with each other in the middle of the plain.

A crater was formed with pressure assaulting me from their direction.

Both Agnus and Esper appeared before me holding the shield. If not for them taking some of the pressure I would be blown away.

Clang. Clack.



Every time they met a shockwave followed after leaving behind a huge crater.

"Both seemed to be equal. Will we be safe".I asked

"No both are not equal. Captain is only defending to keep it away from us. The troll is planning for a chance to attack us".

" We all have to be careful".Being stronger Morgana was able to see through the fight somehow.

Clenching my fist I thought just how much training one needs to go through to reach that level.

As the fight went on it even become hard for me to see them. 6 Star speed is this much then how much 7 Star and ultimately 9 Star. I remembered 9 Star have the strength to crush the mountain with one punch.

All of us were sweating profusely seeing the fight.

The fight was in stalemate. We were so much engrossed in our fight that we didn't notice they were nearing us.

With a back turn, the troll rotated its body behind the captain and punched in our direction.

Noticing late we tried our best to dodge. Even the captain ran towards us but the troll managed to cut his back seeing the opening.


We all fled in the different direction we can go. I was blown away by the blast. My upper clothes were tattered and as I fall to the ground with my left hand, it dislocated.

I cursed seeing the trolling behaviour.

"Who was the dumbhead that said troll has no brain. Just what way the troll before us look like an idiot".

Truths were we all were caught up unguard seeing the troll sudden action. Maybe an increase in rank has given him some brain.

" I swear I will not believe in the novels have I read till now after all they are just fantasy and the situation has proved fantasy should remain fantasy".

Using the sword I stood up. The pain from the dislocated shoulder was overwhelming me through I have gone through it once but that time due to fear of being dead I didn't feel it as I was feeling now.

Aaron was in bad condition, his back has been cut with blood trickling from his back.

The troll smile was pissing me off. He didn't give any chance for Aaron to recover or use potions.

Morgana and others had slight bruises and scratches.

"We should help the captain. If he can recover we can win but in this state, it will be difficult to hold on".

Morgana nodded.

" I can use my fireball to buy one second, sister Morgana what other spell do you have".

"I can use vines which can trap him but for his rank, he can be freed too easily".

" We have to try I will use fireball to catch his attention while you use vines to trap him".

Everyone looked at me suspiciously.


" Are you sure it is your first time in this type of situation "?

Scratching my cheek I said," We have to hurry we don't have much time".

Nodding his head we observed the fight. Due to the injury. Aaron was having a hard time defending the attacks. The wound has pushed him into a passive state.

Morgana signalled, Aaron, to hold on and signalled about our plan

Aaron seemed too reluctant to involve us but still, it was worth trying.

I concentrated my mana to form the fireball I poured out every bit of mana I have in my body without saving.

My attack will not even be able to put a scratch on him but it was not my plan to damage him from the start.

Esper and Agnus covered me for any danger.

Morgana was trying to get closer to the troll.

Taking a deep breath ignoring the pain I threw the fireball at the troll.


Fire engulfed its whole body but its expression remain unchanged looking at me like a fly.

"Vines of mother earth heed my call. Tame this beast with your power".Morgana chanting the incantation shouted " Now".

Just as the effect of fire was over. Vines from the ground emerged. The thick sturdy vine crawled through its body tieing his legs climbing upwards towards his waist to his whole body.

Sensing danger it struggled with all its power to free itself from the situation.

Aaron didn't want to miss the opening created by their teammates.

Using its last bit of power. He slashed the giant axe towards the head of the troll.

Anything that stood in the path of the axe was cut and the head of the rolled on the ground with blood spurting out from its body like spring.

Everyone breathed the air of relief and fell on their knees after winning over the fight where we all were just one step from death in case of a mistake.

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