1 Chapter 1 : New Beginning

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"Son, did you prepare the documents you needed?"

"Son, did you take your handkerchief?"

"Son, did you take your wallet?"

"AHH! Mom! Just stop it. I am not a four year kid going to school for the first time and I am already late so stop delaying me. "

"Tsk, you are the one who still reads manga, comics and stay up late at night and play video games even though you are already 28."

"Yeah, I understand. So stop pestering me, ok?"

"Alright! Now travel safe, ok?"

"Sigh. Bye."

With that I left. But who knew, that would be the last time I will be seeing my mother.

After closing the door with a loud bang, I started running and calling for a taxi but the luck didn't seem to be on my side today, after walking for quite some time, I gave up hope of finding a taxi.

Walking for 15 minutes, I arrived at the central plaza.

Waiting for the signal, I checked the time. It was still 30 minutes for the interview. I was about to take a step when a car suddenly got out of the road hurtling towards me.

'Shit.' Cursing my luck, I started to run out of instinct, screaming about the car coming towards here but too many people were blocking my way. I tried to push through the crowd to avoid the car but...

I tried to scream at the top of my lungs but right before I could utter a single word, my surroundings went dark. The last thing I saw, was the same car crashing onto me, trampled others as well.



Panting heavily, I woke up drenched in sweat.

Taking in a deep breath, I checked my body and took a look at the surrounding.

"Thank God... I am alive, but where am I?"

I thought someone had saved me or called emergency service to bring me to a nearby hospital, but I found myself in a room which looked like some sort of a hotel.

Waking up from the bed, I walked towards the mirror on the side. Stumbling on the way with an exhausted body, I looked at myself in the mirror. But what was reflected in the mirror was not my face.

The image was not me but a young boy roughly 15-16 years old with dark black hair along with golden eyes.

The figure could be called handsome, if not for the skinny body and eyes which looked like of some zombie.

It seems as if this boy had not slept for an entire month or was suffering from a disease.

But what happened to my body? I am 28 years old and was on my way for an interview before the accident and now I am finding myself in the body of a teenage boy.

'Am I going through some virtual reality experiment? Because either my brain cells are damaged or I am having dreams of another world?'

To figure out the situation I opened the window, the warm sunshine engulfed my body, giving me a warm feeling.

The view outside the window was hard to describe in words. The place looks futuristic with touch of mediaeval age elements. There were trains and high-tech bikes on road with tall buildings almost reaching the sky and there was also a giant castle floating on the island above the city. It looked like magic mixed with science.

I tried to recall the scene which seems to be familiar, at the same time unbelievable. I couldn't remember clearly where I have seen or listened to this, while a sudden headache started to assault me with random pieces of memories of the previous body stuffing inside my brain.

The sudden influx of memories caused my vision to be blurry as I leaned over the wall sitting down for a moment. After a moment of rest, the pain which was rampaging in my mind started to subside slowly and I started calming my nerves recalling the pieces of memories that flashed in my head during the pain.

The body of the previous owner, according to the memories, belongs to a middle-class family.

His father is a 4-star rank warrior and is a member of a small mercenary group while his mother is 3-star in rank. After giving birth to him, they retired from their jobs and settled down on the land they have on the outskirts of the Capital and earned their living through farming. They were not poor as commoners and made a decent living.

After resting for some time, the pain which seemed to be intolerable almost subsided. I inhaled the fresh air and finally managed to get back on my feet.

I glanced around the room looking for any minute detail that can help me know my situation. The room was a little shabby with only necessities with a clean bed with a desk beside it, and a small clean bathroom.

As I looked around my room, I found two pieces of luggage, a smartphone and a smartwatch on the table.

I tapped on the smartphone which showed my ID...


User ID: Lukas Brightt

Course: Hero Course (Year-1)

Status : First Year

Bloodline Grade : Bronze




Seeing the name of the academy. I finally understand what is this place.

It seems I have reincarnated into the last novel I was reading before dying, 'Dawn of legend' and the person I have reincarnated, doesn't even have a name that appeared in the novel.

The earth of this place is different from the earth I used to live in. Mana and magic have existed here naturally for ages.

Elves, humans, dwarves and demons were major species in this world. The peace that existed, in the beginning, was broken down by the demons, who were unable to contain their greed, as they wanted the whole world for themselves.

Demons are born with an exceptionally powerful physique and superior strength while elves were especially skillful in manipulating mana with nature abilities, whereas dwarves were good at production, while humans have a weak constitution, some have strong bloodline abilities but still, they need to train harder than other races.

Humans have strong adaptability compared to other species and with the flow of time, they started to grow stronger, though in terms of strength and controlling mana they were not as good as elves and demons respectively.

All the species allied to form a united battlefront to repel the invasion of demons and fought countless battles to stop demons from marching, and finally ensuring peace for common people. But it was just a temporary peace.

To ensure a steady supply of strong warriors and groom the talented individual to shoulder the burdens of the world, many Hero academies were found and each kingdom has at least one primary hero academy that chooses the best of the best talents and grooms them with best resources and facilities.

Unlike other stories, although the concept of kings and kingdoms was present, technology still made its progress.

People who were not able to utilise mana, focused on scientific technologies.

The modernization kept its growth along with warriors providing them with the best equipment, training facility and support.

The protagonist of the novel is the son of a Duke, who was extremely talented in spear and will become a legend earning the title of 'Spear Saint'.

Though he doesn't have an overbearing system to help him on his journey, having been born in the Duke's house gave him a head start compared to others along with an ancient artifact that he got before entering the academy.

If someone asked, what character the person I am now? Then I can only answer, he is just an extra.

Even calling myself an extra, lowers the remaining dignity extras receive. Every novel has some named and important characters while others' presence is just shown in numbers. And I am just one of them.

Just thinking of the ugly situation I have got myself into,it gave me a headache.

Closing my eyes, I started imaging the face of my mother when she learns of my death. Tears started to flow out of my eyes. My heart pained thinking of my mother.

When people read reincarnation it never mentions the pain of separating from their family.

Readers were just shown how the characters adapt to the new world. While reading and experiencing are just different things.

As I find myself in a similar position, I finally understand how it feels by losing someone.

Regrets started to well up like 'If just I had spent more time with my family, If I had just behaved more properly with others' etc. But as there is a saying, there are no what-ifs in life.


When I opened my eyes I found a virtual screen in front of me.



Loading: 34% [3 hours to complete]



A system.

As far as I can remember, there was no system in the novel.

It must be exclusively for me.

A small hope started to grow within me.

In this cruel world, with no one to depend on, maybe this system help me.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to drink some water and sleep for a while.

I was excited about what kind of system I would get when I open my eyes.

I pushed back the thought of figuring out this world to tomorrow.

After all, what will come will definitely come.

Since I have already become a part of this world, I have to just give my all to survive and lead a fulfilling life.

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