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The Extra's Return


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[You have been killed by the Hero of Light.] [You have died.] I had died at the hands of the main character in the novel I had read before. But I got another chance. I regressed and returned to the time when I first entered this novel world. Once again, I live in this novel world as an extra character. Since I have experience and knowledge, especially my World System which had upgraded, I'll do what I want to do. I will become stronger than the main character. ________________________ POV 1 : √ Harem: √ Toxic Friends: X Big No. Naive Protagonist: X Pervert Protagonist: X Toxic Harem: X ________________________ English is not my first language, so, feel free to comment if any grammatical errors. This is my discord: Munruel#6488 https://discord.gg/2MzrfZGD And this is the channel of this book.