92 Jeanna and Curtis

{Jeanna's POV}

"Let's start organizing our group..."

I said as everyone's attention is on me.

I'm standing on top of the platform that's in the front of the room, so they can all see me clearly.

And after making sure that no one is against my words, I continued talking...

"It's been 4 days since the combat test."

"And in that small amount of time, Raven's popularity grew and is still growing at a terrifying pace."

I stated.

"The proof of that are you guys."

Then I added and looked at everyone in the room.

"I just started recruiting a day ago."

"And I even did it discreetly because I'm sure Raven would probably destroy our group even before it forms if he knew what we're doing."

I explained to everyone.

And at my words, I saw the expressions of the others changed...

Some are showing a strong agreement on my statement as they probably know Raven to some extent.


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