11 First Evolution: High End Goblin

Souta went back to the battlefield. The battle was still ongoing and the goblins gained the advantage. They were pushing back the kobolds. He knows why they could push back the kobolds.

He just killed the reinforcement of the kobolds. A powerful reinforcement at that. If that group of evolved kobolds arrived here then it's going to be hell for the goblins.

New souls headed towards his earring. Just a little bit more, and he'd be able to boost his stats. His exp was also 90%; a few kobolds or goblins were enough to get him to level ten.

Today. He's going to evolve today.

Souta felt his blood boiling thinking about evolution. Feeling the excitement building up, he charged towards battle while brandishing his sword.

He ignored his wounds and he used [Stab] three times.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The force behind his skill was so powerful that it killed several kobolds. Some of the goblins got caught up and died.

When several of their comrades died quickly, the kobolds and goblins were taken aback. They looked around and saw a small goblin wielding a sword. This goblin had darker skin than a typical goblin. The posture and aura were too intimidating to be called an amateur in battle.

They know one thing for sure. This goblin was a veteran fighter. And a very powerful one at that.

Souta followed it up by raising his other hand. He fired [Fireball] until he drained most of his mana. One fireball wasn't enough to kill a kobold or goblin.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Several explosions appeared in the middle of the battlefield. It slightly shook the ground.

The kobolds and goblins were shocked. They didn't understand how a fireball suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The fireballs were not that powerful but with several fireballs, it could threaten their life.


Souta heard a notification in his mind saying that the soul he collected reached the limit. 300 souls were the maximum he could collect. It was impossible for him to exceed this limit until he used it.

[Harvester of the Soul. Soul collected: 300/300]

He didn't think twice and used the souls to boost his strength attribute. The cold soul flowed through his body, transforming into energy and increasing his strength.

He felt his muscle building up solidly. His muscle was densely packed and it was filled with strength. The strength he could exert was greater than before.

He smiled as he turned his head to face the kobolds and goblins. "It's time to get some experience."

He dashed forward killing any monster he met.

The battle continued, and he slaughtered the kobolds and goblins mercilessly. When the goblins saw him killing their comrades, they were shocked. They assumed he'd gone insane, killing everyone in the midst of a war.




His killing continued for a half hour, until the kobolds and goblins felt fear. They weren't like the undead, who don't fear death. They were living beings who understood the concept of death. When they were fighting someone on their level, things were different. They could see that they stood a chance, but Souta was different. They are aware that everyone who approached him was killed.

The kobolds and goblins started to run. They tried to escape as Souta chased after them.


The battlefield was turned into blood-red color. It got dyed completely. The corpses of goblins and kobolds were scattered across the whole area.

There was no sound in the entire area. The surviving kobolds and goblins flee this place. So, for the time being, he is the only one here.

They'll return later, once they've calmed down. They'll realize he's tired and easy to kill right now.

"I assumed I'd need the boss exp to level up."

Souta was covered in blood looking at the crystal attached to the ceiling. Actually, he was looking at the interface in his vision.

[You've leveled up!]

[You've reached level 10!]

[Opening up the evolution path!]

[Processing information...]


[Three evolution paths detected!]

[High Goblin]


[High End Goblin]

[Pick one of the evolution paths!]

Souta didn't hesitate and picked the High End Goblin.


[Strength reached fifty!]

[It will take one minute to finish the evolution!]

A white light appeared and it covered his body like a cocoon. Souta felt warm energy covered him. It felt comfortable contrary to his convulsing muscles. He didn't feel pain at all.

When he was about to fall asleep, he heard the system prompts.


[Evolution completed!]

[High End Goblin: A very rare species of goblin that has existed since ancient times. They were strong and skilled in a variety of fighting styles.]


[All stats increased by 15!]

[Health increased by 50!]

[Stamina increased by 50!]

[You've received 2 free attribute points!]

[You've received 1 skill point!]


[From now on your Agility, Dexterity, Vitality, and Intelligence attributes will increase by 5 every level while your Strength attribute will increase by 8!]

[You've learned the inherent Goblin's Language!]

[All skills level up!]


[Traits detected!]

[Extraordinary Body]

[Night Vision]

[Alloy Body]

[You can pick one of the traits!]

Souta read the notification one by one. The increase in his stats and powers were great. The increase in his stats at every level was higher. Also, all of his skills level up to 2 and the [Stab] reached level 3 in advance.

The benefits of the evolution of a monster type character were really great just like what they said in the forum.

Then, he looked at the traits. He pondered while looking at the three traits. He could only choose one of the three.

[Extraordinary Body] was focused on his strength and recovery rate.

[Night Vision]. As the name it says, he could see clearly in the dark with this trait. It was important as most of the dungeons don't have any light.

[Alloy Body] was most focused on the defensive abilities of his body.

All the three traits were great but sadly he could only choose one. In the end, he chooses the [Extraordinary Body]

[Extraordinary Body]: Increase the recovery rate by two times. +10 strength.

Once again, he felt his strength increased by a notch. He then quickly opened his stats.

Name: Souta Ieshi

Race: High End Goblin

Level: 10 (0/9,100)

Class: «none»

Health: 126/126

Stamina: 88/88

Mana: 70/70

Strength: 75(65+10)[+]

Agility: 39[+]

Dexterity: 26[+]

Intelligence: 35(25+10)[+]

Vitality: 38(28+10)[+]

Free attribute point(s): 9

Skill(s): [Dash], [Stab], [Sword Mastery], [Mana Manipulation]

Spell(s): [Fireball]

Trait(s): [Extraordinary Body]

Equipment skill(s): [Harvester of the Soul. Soul collected: 0/400]

Skill point(s): 7

He smiled as he looked at his stats. This will suffice for the time being. He chose the strength attribute because he knows that once he gets the class, his other attributes will quickly catch up to his strength attribute.

First, he will use the effect of [Harvester of the Soul] to balance the dexterity and agility attributes. With his current level, leveling up is simple, but once he reaches level 20, it becomes more difficult.

Souta moved his eyes and looked on the left side of the interface. He could see his figure standing there. The figure of a little goblin before became taller and grew short black hair. His build wasn't huge, it's perfectly balanced. His pupils changed into gold color after he evolved. His skin also became darker.

"My face..."

His face was slightly similar to his face before. He looked like a goblin with the blood of an Asian. Black hair with round eyes but his pupils were golden in color.


Suddenly, he felt a slight ache in his head. When he remembered his previous face, his head felt like it was about to split open. "I still couldn't remember anything," he said, his face frowning. He could only recall the essentials, but he couldn't recall anything about his family or social standing. He couldn't even recall if he had a friend on Earth.

"Why? My intelligence is higher, but why can't I remember anything?" he muttered quietly. As he clenched his fist, his breathing became ragged. His power was building up to the point of exploding.


A loud sound echoed.

Souta slapped himself on the face to calm himself. He then took a deep breath and he closed his eyes.



After repeating this cycle a few times, Souta opened his eyes. His eyes were clear and his heart rate became normal again. He was calm as water now.

Let's worry about something like that later. He wanted to do something after evolving.

That was him conquering the dungeon, as he always did in the game. He intends to demonstrate his newly acquired abilities to the boss there. His health, stamina, and mana recovered after evolution.

Be prepared, dungeon boss... As I was going to raid your precious home.

But before that, he collected the souls of the dead first. The evolution prevented him from taking the souls as it was blocked by the white light before. Now, he could see the souls increasing from the interface.

He then walked to the direction of the kobold's dungeon.

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