25 Escort Quest

Souta stretched his body as he finished getting a class. He checked his equipment and nodded.

He then went downstairs to Yuko. Yuko was in her room taking a good rest.

"Come on, let's go," Souta said, shaking Yuko's body.

"...muu..." Yuko slowly opened her eyes and looked at Souta.

"Yuko, we'll leave this city and do some quest," Souta said to her.

Yuko stood up and licked his face.

Souta planned to get some of his equipment this week. Getting a piece of Dark grade equipment was enough. Dark grade equipment was just lower than Universal grade equipment.

The [Vajra Sword Saya].

Back in the game, he had a variety of weapons, including the [Vajra Sword Saya]. Aside from the [Flesh-Eating Scythe] and the [Hell Fiend Spear], his favorite weapon was the [Vajra Sword Saya].

It was also the easiest to get among his other powerful weapons. It was within the vicinity of the Hebrei Kingdom so a week of time was enough for him to get it.

For his current style, [Vajra Sword Saya] was suitable for him.

"Come let's go!" Souta patted Yuko and opened the gate.

Yuko kept licking his cheek. She showed no sign of moving away from him.

"Hahaha, I've gotten stronger again, and I could easily defeat you now," Souta laughed.

Since she was his pet, he would train her to become powerful. He doesn't want her to stay at her level forever.


Both of them left the inn. They went to some shops and bought the food they needed. Then, they went straight to the Adventurers Guild.

Like always, a lot of people gathered inside the guild. Some of them were drinking and some were laughing.

Souta went straight to the quest board. He looked at the quest board looking for a suitable quest.

"This is good," he said as he lifted his hand and took an escort quest. He then proceeded to the receptionist.

"I want this quest."

The receptionist nodded and she recorded the quest that he picked. She recorded it on a machine that looks like a computer.


[Quest Triggered!]

[Escort]: Escort a merchant to Bullmar village. You will fail if the merchant dies. Rewards: 500 exp

The reward was only exp for a Rank E quest. Skill points would only appear in Rank D quest or above Rank D.


Souta was going to the Bullmar village that's why he picked an escort quest. He just needs to protect the merchant and he wasn't the only one who accepted this quest. There were also other adventurers going to the Bullmar village.

Souta went to get his luggage. "Unfortunately, I don't have inventory," he said before turning to Yuko and saying, "Let's go."

Both of them went to the gate of the city. It took them a few dozen minutes before they arrived near the gate.

"Is that it?" Souta saw carriages lining up near the gate. He walked towards the carriage with a red falcon symbol. It was the symbol of the merchant that he was going to escort.

A huge man wearing leather armor saw him walking. "Oh? So I'm going to work beside the tamer of Red Fur Bear."

Souta smiled wryly at the man and asked, "Where is the owner?"

"He's inside," the man said, motioning to the carriage behind him.

"Thanks!" Souta thanked the man and knocked on the door of the carriage.



After a few knocks, the door opened and a short man came out. He has curly hair, a long beard, and a thick mustache. He was a dwarf.

The dwarf looked at Souta for a while before he nodded. He then looked at the adventurers gathering near the carriage and said, "Since all of you are here, we will leave now."

The adventurers nodded at the dwarf before they packed their belongings.

The man walked towards Souta and extended his hand. "I'm Jack, a Rank D adventurer, I hope we get along during our quest."

"Me too, " Souta shook hands with Jack. He added, "I'm Souta, a Rank E adventurer."

Jack laughed and looked back at the other adventurers before shouting, "Guys, we're doing a quest with the tamer!"


The adventurers shouted. They were excited because they were doing a quest with the tamer. Souta was quite famous in the circle of adventurers. He always brings Yuko with him when he enters the guild. So a lot of people knew him and his pet.

Souta smiled wryly while scratching the back of his head. He then called Yuko to come.

Yuko walked forward with small steps. He introduced her to the adventurers.

"This is Yuko, my partner. We're counting on you."

"Yeah. We're also counting on you this time."

One by one the adventurers introduced themselves. There's a total of eight adventurers that were going to escort the dwarf. Three Rank D and the rest were Rank E including Souta.

The dwarf peeked at the window and said, "I'm counting on you guys until we reach Bullmar."

"Yeah, leave it to us!"

They started packing and went inside the carriage.

"Is everyone aboard? In that case... Let's go!"


A lion horse was pulling the carriage. It's a horse with a lion's mane around its neck. It was more powerful than a regular horse. So one lion horse could pull a carriage.

But the lion horse didn't know how to fight like a real lion. So the people only used it to pull carriages.

"So you went to Ladros city to enter the Ladro Institute."

"Yeah, that's the gist of it," Souta said, nodding to Jack.

"Then, why did you become an adventurer?" Jack asked.

The other adventurers just listen to their conversation. Sometimes butting in makes everyone laugh.

"Well, I need money in the institute so I became an adventurer," Souta replied to Jack's question.

"Life is really hard, huh?" Jack said as he looked outside through the window.

"Yeah," Souta said, nodding and looking out the window. He extended his hand and patted Yuko on the back.

Yuko was walking outside the carriage. She couldn't fit inside this place so she had to walk outside.

"Sorry about this Yuko," Souta said to her.

"M-master..." A small voice escaped from her mouth. She then turned her head and looked around.


Souta knew that something was wrong when she was acting like this. "There's an enemy!" He shouted.

Jack knocked on the front wall of the carriage. He told the dwarf to stop moving because there's an enemy.

"Are you sure about this?" Jack asked while getting out of the carriage.

"Yeah, Yuko is the one who senses them," Souta agreed, exiting the carriage.

The other adventurers followed suit. They pulled out their own weapons and looked around them. They were inside a small forest so trees were all over the place.

A few silhouettes appeared in their vision.

"As I suspected," Jack said, frowning.

"Terror Wolf," Souta said in a low voice when a pack of wolves walked out of the shadows. He grabbed the handle of his sword and pulled it out.

"Go! Yuko!" Yuko dashed forward as soon as he shouted. The huge bear charged straight to the pack of wolves.

Terror wolf was just a low-level monster. In the game, their level was between 1 - 10. Some players wouldn't even bother killing these wolves.

They were no match against a level 21 Red Fur Bear.

"Graa!!" Yuko roared as she waved her arms towards the wolves.


Two wolves flew and crashed in the tree. A loud cracking sound could be heard from their bodies.

She grabbed the wolf in front of her before smashing it on the ground.


The impact caused the dust and smoke to shoot up in the air.


Two wolves jumped on her back and bit her flesh.

Souta just watched her fight while holding a sword. He wanted her to gain more battle experience. She was a level 21 Red Fur Bear. A pack of wolves was nothing to her.

The other adventurers were fighting the other wolves. Looking around, Souta estimated that the number of wolves was more than thirty.

But this number wasn't a problem for a Rank D adventurer.

Jack was killing wolves left and right. He didn't even use his weapon. The blood of the wolves coated his fist.

He then turned his attention back to Yuko. Just like before, she was still rampaging but there were some bite marks on her body.

"Hmm..." His mana started to circulate around his body and the aura around him slowly changed. He focused his attention on the wolves that were fighting Yuko.

[Shadow Bind]

The shadows of the wolves moved upwards and strangled their bodies. All of a sudden, the five wolves in front of Yuko stopped moving.

The level of his [Shadow Bind] was 5. The wolves had no way out of this even if they were evolved wolves. A level 5 [Shadow Bind] could restrain a total of twenty-five targets. Every level, it increases by five.

Hais... With a sigh, Souta walked towards Yuko. He placed his palm on her body and casted [Light Heal].

"That's enough Yuko."

Souta raised his sword and walked towards the wolves.

The wolves couldn't do anything as the [Shadow Bind] was restraining their movements. They watched Souta kill them one by one.

"One... Two... Three... Four... And five! All of your soul will become nourishment to make me stronger."

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