1 Mystical Crystal

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The curtain of night had just fallen over the Yunyue Sect in the state of Chu.

Houses were dispersed sporadically atop tracts of hills surrounding the exterior of the sect.

These houses were the encampments of the outer sect disciples under the Yunyue Sect.

Amongst the encampments, one could see a hint of hazy light glimmering in a simple yet crude house.

"I really have never seen this crystal material before…"

A youngster in green garments, who was around fourteen or fifteen years of age, could not help but let out a low sigh as he held a precious mystical crystal in his hands.

The youngster had a somewhat young and tender appearance, but looked quite clean and was well worth a second look. He had a pair of bright and clear eyes as well.

At this moment, there was an excited expression on his face as he stared at the precious crystal in his hands.

The crystal was sparkling and translucent. It had a strange shape and was approximately the size of a baby's palm. There was a layer of deep gray-silver luster present on its surface.

At a glance, it resembled an exquisite crystalline heart.

Under the lamp-light.

Gold and silver would intertwine with one another in the depths of the mysterious crystal, and from time to time, a prismatic shade would appear within it, as well as ripples of blood-colored light. It was as though all the colors of the world were unfolding within it.

"This is too magical! Truly worthy of being a mystical stone that had accompanied the descent of the 'Space Metal Meteorite'..."

Chen Yu found it difficult to suppress his excitement.

The youngster's name was Chen Yu. He was less than fifteen years old this year, and was an outer sect disciple of Yunyue Sect at its lowest level.

An hour ago, a shooting star had descended on the surrounding edges of Yunyue Sect. Dust immediately sprung up everywhere as the earth shook vigorously.

For a moment, the entire sect was strongly affected by this.

That was because the rare continental 'Space Metal Meteorite' had appeared in the deep hole where the shooting star had fallen!

The Space Metal Meteorite was an extremely precious material for forging tools. Many of the divine weapons and treasured tools in some legends used Space Metal Meteorite.

If an ordinary mortal weapon had a fragment of the Space Metal Meteorite smelted along with the other metals, it might be able to turn that mortal weapon into a treasured tool.

Chen Yu's luck was really pretty good!

At the time of the incident, he just so happened to be in the area where the Space Metal Meteorite had fallen.

Even though he was five hundred meters away from the landing site, the dust and airwaves created by the landing meteorite had struck him, lightly wounding his arm.

After the incident, the Law Enforcer at the highest level within the sect rushed over and sealed this area off in the first moments of it happening.

As a result, a few disciples nearby had to "hand over" the Metal Meteorite fragments they picked up to the sect.

Chen Yu was relatively further away, so the two thumb-sized Metal Meteorite fragments that he had picked up had managed to slip through.

Not only that, he also picked up a mystical crystal that was emitting some residual heat. It was stuck together with the Space Metal Meteorite.

That was also the crystal that was currently in his hands!

"This crystal actually seems to be safe and sound even though the Space Metal Meteorite shattered?"

There was a twinkle in Chen Yu's gaze.

He had a kind of intuition that this mystical crystal's value absolutely exceeded his imagination. There was even the possibility that it could change his fate of being at the lowest level in the sect...

It was just that this youngster's expression dimmed slightly when he thought about his own situation in the sect.

It had been almost three years since Chen Yu first entered Yunyue Sect.

He was only twelve years old when he entered the sect. Under the nurturing of his clan, he had stepped into the Body Tempering Realm.

As the name implied, the Body Tempering Realm was when an individual toughened their body and strengthened their constitution to establish a foundation for true martial cultivation.

The requirements to enter Yunyue Sect weren't considered to be high. An individual younger than fifteen years old who had entered the Body Tempering Realm would suffice.

After close to three years of hard work, he broke through to the late-stage of the Body Tempering Realm.

According to his father, such natural endowments were considered to be pretty good if they were placed in his clan and in the mortal world.


Chen Yu only understood his mediocracy and inferiority after he entered the world of sects.

"There are two months left. If I can't ascend even higher and break through to the Connective Meridian Realm, I'll be expelled from the sect!"

Chen Yu's gaze dimmed slightly.

All of the new outer sect disciples in Yunyue Sect had an "observation period".

The outer sect's regulation was as such: those who are still at the Body Tempering Realm and are unable to breakthrough three years after they entered the sect, or when they fully turn sixteen, would be expelled!

After all, the Body Tempering Realm was only the most basic foundational rank in the path of martial arts. At this stage, they weren't that much stronger than common mortals.

An individual was only considered to have passed the sect's threshold when they ascended to the Connective Meridian Realm.

Chen Yu was very unlucky because there were two months left until the evaluation deadline was up.

Just when Chen Yu was perturbed.

Bang, bang!

The sound of knocking on a door could be heard coming from outside the house. He could faintly see a few silhouettes.

"Outer sect disciple 'Chen Yu', quickly open the door! You are to receive an inspection from the Law Enforcement Squadron!"

A chilly male voice could be heard.

Chen Yu's heart leaped. It was actually a Law Enforcer from the sect.

Could it be that it had been discovered that he had "gathered a steal" in the area surrounding the Space Metal Meteorite?

That should definitely not be the case!

Chen Yu was certain that there wasn't a second person present when he had picked up the Space Metal Meteorite fragments and the mysterious Crystal.

He promptly put the "mystical crystal" away in his bosom and put it close to him.


A youth in black robes appeared outside when the door opened as a youth in green garments followed behind him.

The youngster in black robes was dressed in law enforcement robes. Looking at the power and influence he exerted, it was evident that he was a Law Enforcer who had a special status. That Law Enforcer's single gaze gave Chen Yu a cutting feeling that resembled the sharp edge of a sword as a chill ran through his skin.

The other youngster in green garments was fifteen or sixteen years old, and was considered to be rather handsome. It was just that a hint of maliciousness in his charm was tainting his sense of beauty.

This person was dressed identical to Chen Yu in the standard clothing of outer sect disciples.

"Wang Lingyun, it's you…"

The expression on Chen Yu's face changed as he recognised this youngster in green garments.

Wang Lingyun was an old enemy of his in the sect!

Both of them were from Xiangyang City in the state of Chu. The clans they belonged to were enemies with one another.

At this moment, there was a trace of schadenfreude in Wang Lingyun's eyes.

"Wang Lingyun, this is the Chun Yu who you lodged an accusation on? You're certain that he walked out of the meteorite impact crater area and took a Meteorite Fragment with him?" the Law Enforcer in black robes asked apathetically.

His gaze turned towards "Wang Lingyun", the youth in green garments beside him.


Chen Yu couldn't help himself from raining curses at him in his heart. This Wang Lingyun had actually ratted him out to the sect.

But he clearly remembered that Wang Lingyun wasn't present at the scene when he had "gathered a steal".

He actually bumped into Wang Lingyun after he had walked out of the sealed off region.

"Honourable Law Enforcer!"

"I personally saw it with my own eyes. This boy walked out from the region surrounding the meteorite, and he seemed to have an abnormal expression. It's very likely that he had carried the meteorite fragments on his person," Wang Lingyun said with a respectful look on his face.

He grimly laughed in his heart when he finished speaking.


He had bumped into Chen Yu, but he didn't dare to be entirely certain that Chen Yu had obtained the Meteorite Fragment.

He was only harbouring suspicions.

But even if he was only harbouring suspicions, he couldn't give Chen Yu the opportunity to emerge in power!

One knew how high the value of the Space Metal Meteorite was.

If Chen Yu had secretly managed to obtain one or two pieces and exchanged them for precious materials and medicines, he might be able to ascend to the Connective Meridian Realm.

Once he ascended to the Connective Meridian Realm, Chen Yu could establish himself in Yunyue Sect. This was the situation Wang Lingyun definitely didn't want to see!

"As long as Chen Yu is expelled out of the sect, the disparity between us will be even greater. My Wang Clan will tenaciously suppress his Chen Clan and dominate Xiangyang City! Also, that Mu Xueqing will also lose interest in him and fall in love with me…"

Wang Lingyun was secretly scheming, and couldn't help but feel somewhat pleased with himself.

"Chen Yu."

The Law Enforcer in black robes said, "Did you take a Special Metal Meteorite fragment out with you? If it turns out to be true, you might still be exempted from punishment if you hand it over of your own accord."

The Law Enforcer and Wang Lingyun were staring fixedly at Chen Yu.

"It's true."

A train of thought flew through Chen Yu's mind by force as he soon had a plan in mind.

He admitted it?

A trace of astonishment flashed across the face of the Law Enforcer in black robes.

"He really did have one…"

Wang Lingyun couldn't help but feel envious.

Before this, he only harboured his suspicions and never thought that Chen Yu actually really obtained a Space Metal Meteorite fragment.

He put himself in Chen Yu's shoes. If he had obtained Space Metal Meteorite fragments, he wouldn't transfer it over to the higher authorities of his own accord, either.

After all, the most he could do was only exchange it into a few sect contribution points if he had transferred it to the higher authorities. How could it compare with the true value of the Space Metal Meteorite?

"Thankfully, I had the foresight to not give him any opportunities."

Wang Lingyun heaved a slight sigh of relief.

Soon, Chen Yu handed the two pieces of Space Metal Meteorite fragments he had obtained to the Law Enforcer.

"Okay. Even though you carried the Metal Meteorite Fragment on your person, you cooperated and handed it over on your own accord. You will be excused from being punished." The Law Enforcer in black robes nodded after saying.

After that, the both of them searched Chen Yu's house for a long time, yet they didn't discover any more Space Metal Meteorite Fragments.

"Honourable Law Enforcer, have you searched this youngster's body?"

Wang Lingyun squinted his eyes slightly as a trace of perceptiveness appeared in them. He didn't intend to let any sliver of possibility slip by.

Chen Yu's heart fell, and he immediately "paid his respects" to Wang Lingyun's ancestors across eighteen generations.

Even though Chen Yu had handed over the Metal Meteorite Fragment, he had hidden the "mystical crystal", which was even more valuable and mysterious. He had yet to hand it over.

Fortunately, Chen Yu had anticipated this as well.

He had already thought of how he was going to word this. He was going to arbitrarily assert that this mystical crystal was the "treasure passed on through the generations in his family".

After all, the sect was only searching for the Space Metal Meteorite. No one knew of the mystical crystal's existence.

"I've already handed the Space Metal Meteorite over. Honourable Law Enforcer, you can search my body."

Chen Yu swung his arms with a relaxed expression.

The Law Enforcer in black robes nodded slightly, mostly trustful of him.

But he couldn't be bothered to lower his status to search the body of an outer sect disciple. As such, he might as well let Wang Lingyun do it in his place.

"Honourable Law Enforcer, please rest assured!"

Wang Lingyun had an eager look on his face and appeared to be very proactive.

He definitely wouldn't give Chen Yu any opportunities!


A green shadow flashed by. Wang Lingyun had already arrived beside Chen Yu and started to search his person.

"How fast!"

Chen Yu felt a formless gale envelop him. His figure swayed slightly and he almost couldn't stand firm.

A layer of formless "aura" hovered above Wang Lingyun's palm, which oppressed Chen Yu's qi and blood. Even his breathing became somewhat strained.

It was difficult for one to see that "aura" with the naked eye, yet a powerful force rushed over that was sufficient enough to split bricks and turn bricks to powder easily.

"Inner Breath?"

Chen Yu's heart sank. Wang Lingyun really did break through to the 'Connective Meridian Realm'. And it wasn't recent...

Like its name implied, the so-called Connective Meridian Realm opened up all the meridians in one's body, thereby allowing the cultivation of a formless power known as "Inner Breath".

If one were to cultivate their Inner Breath to the Transformation Realm, they could injure someone even across empty air. They could reduce gold to powder and break metal into pieces. They could even kill their enemies with a snap of their fingers. They truly possessed formidable martial strength and were placed above the secular world.

Unfortunately, Chen Yu was at the Body Tempering Realm, which focused on the cultivation of physique and the strengthening of the body. Importance was placed on the comprehensive strengthening of an individual's physical constitution, so he was still incapable of possessing a power like "Inner Breath".

"Hmph… with me here, you won't have any opportunities at all!"

Wang Lingyun started his inspection.

He didn't let any details slip by in the process of doing so. He didn't even let Chen Yu's ears, mouth, hair, and armpits off!

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