The Eternal Emperors Ascension

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What is The Eternal Emperors Ascension

Read ‘The Eternal Emperors Ascension’ Online for Free, written by the author Matthias_Schmidt, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ROMANCE Fiction, R18 Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Keiren Kendrall is living a normal life. Like everyone else, he has a job, friends, and a wonderful fiance. Unfortunatel...


Keiren Kendrall is living a normal life. Like everyone else, he has a job, friends, and a wonderful fiance. Unfortunately, the day of his wedding is not really what he had hoped for. First, he gets stuck in the traffic. OK, bad Luck. Then he accidentally summons a giant eagle. A talking giant eagle to be more precise. Then the talking giant eagle taxi left for the wedding. The worst part is that right after the wedding, an angry-looking Woman blasted herself into his life and he and his friends get sucked into a black hole on a wave of curses... // AN: And this is where my story will begin, give me some useful feedback so that this story can grow better. I hope you enjoy it and have fun reading it. // // The picture isn't mine. if it is yours and you do not want it to be used in this way please contact me. //

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Dendra met Ratu, the immortal who life as an athlete, because of their work. No one thought that it was the beginning of revealing Dendra's life secret. Dendra who grew up in an orphanage never knew his origins at all. During the twenty-eight years he has built his identity, all that he has achieved is the result of his own sweat and tears. When he was a teenager, Dendra had tried to find out where his parents were. However, he found nothing. Since then, he consider that what happened in his life is just a painful joke. And now, at the age of 28, the joke is playing with his life again. His encounter with Ratu actually took him to a world he had never imagined existed. Their closeness makes the spark of passion become bigger between the two. Incident after incident also make Dendra and Ratu finally return to the land of shadows. A world where immortal beings reside. And there, they know that the passion has grown between them must be extinguished, because it can destroy the Land. On the run to find the truth and avoid people who want their death, Dendra and Ratu finally know who is Dendras’ father. Dendra is the son of the cruel King in the Land. The oldest and the most powerfull immortal human in the universe. One time ago, the King came to the human world to get energy, and then met Raya, Dendra's mother. He fell in love with her, but Raya refused him. Raya already had a lover, who would even marry her soon. Accepting such a refusal made Khabil forced his will on Raya. That made Raya got pregnant. Raya disappeared after that. And Khabil couldn't find her. He assumed that the woman was dead. He did not know that Raya gave birth to a baby in her weakened state. She almost died during childbirth, but a cursed creature saved her. Which makes Raya also being a part of them. In order to keep his son away from this cursed world, Raya takes his son to an orphanage. And that was where Dendra grew up. Dendra and Ratu met Raya when they was being chased by people who wanted to kill them, that actually sent by the King himself, Khabil. For Kahbil, Dendra is just someone who can threaten his strength and power in the shadow world. Khabil can only be killed by his own descendants. That's why he always made sure he didn't have any offspring. It was a lucky that he never knew about Dendra. With the help of Raya, they planned strategy over strategy to overthrow Khabil's power. And they did it together with several other Immortals who are rebelling against Khabil cruel rules. It turns out that the union of Dendra and Ratu, who were at first thought to be able to destroy the shadow world is actually the key to saves the world from Khabil's power.

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