The Enemies Blood (Boyxboy) Book

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The Enemies Blood (Boyxboy)


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"The little mermaid inspired Kaisoo ff" Except KS is not an innocent defenseless mermaid. And theres a lot of "racism". Jongin thought being a prince was annoying, facing responsablity was something he'd avoid. Therefore he turned away from the truth and he ran away from himself. But He hadnt known to be destined for something bigger. He hadnt known he had the power to change the horrors of the ongoing war, To be the hope of his suffering people. Now that a siren, the most hated species and the enemy to humans had saved his life and uncovered things about the war aswell as their past as they find out just how important their story was to history. He hadn't expected to find a liking to it's feisty and strong spirit, its stubbornness and bold tongue, speaking out things to him no one has dared to before. Things he needed to hear. He didnt know that falling for the enemie was the best thing that could've happened to him. When the change of the world had started with a monster saving another.