The Endless Hollow

Author: Krisnasmep
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What is The Endless Hollow

Read ‘The Endless Hollow’ Online for Free, written by the author Krisnasmep, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: No one ever thought that the population of people known as "ESPER" could increase. Unfortunately, some metaphysical acti...


No one ever thought that the population of people known as "ESPER" could increase. Unfortunately, some metaphysical activities resulting from a work accident have also become a global problem. For years, the United Nations had to lie to the world that the current conditions were fine. Those who were invisible moved in tandem with the development of human technology. Living a normal life is indeed a demand, no matter if someone is an esper. But is it possible? Especially this story begins with an individualistic guy. A regular student who is just an ordinary youth. What is love? What is the past? How do we live? Why are we afraid of death? Where is our position in this wheel of life? How worthy are we to be called...human? "The Endless Hollow"

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Table of Contents
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Volume 1 :Ambiguous world
Volume 2 :Into The Abyss
Volume 3 :The Shattered Veil

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Each chapter is getting more and more interesting to read. from the cover image of a good novel, I like it. I'm really waiting for the latest update for the next chapter, hopefully there will be even more interesting surprises.


I'm looking forward to the update, I think if it reaches hundreds of chapters it will be even more interesting. There might be a war between espers or maybe an ordinary human conflict with an esper.


The story is good, although I don't really understand the concept of sci-fi. For the horror genre mixed with romance, I look forward to the update


Wait, this book is about horror and romance? or sci-fi?


Penulisannya bagus jdi critanya gk semerawut Ketika membaca crta ini kita mudah membayangkan apa yg ada di dalam cerita tersebut kedalam pikiran kita. Perkembangan cerita mudah dipahami Membuat alur cerita nya menjadi nyambung


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