The End Of The Destiny Book

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The End Of The Destiny


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"No this can't be true. Now what miss Jane. Can I fix this any how ?" "I don't know honey." "But there must be some way. Please miss tell me" "There is one way but ..." ""But it's not that easy." A heavy voice behind the curtains. He was tall, had a brunette hair with dark black eyes. He was our principal. Principal Jarred. 'The coldest person ever' that's what they say. But I don't see any coldness in my. It may because of his voice. "But everything is messed up." I said "What if you fail ? What if you can't do it ? What if you get stuck there? What if you never came back ?" said principal Jarred. "What if I ...... What is I try ?" . . . A unwanted soul tried everything she could to save herself but death was too quick. Everything is getting worse. She's trying to fix everything her past, her future and her present. Would she able to do it all again or just gonna end everything. Life is not that hard and that easy to live.


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