1 The Beginning Of The End

"I want to die."

The only sentence that came out of Mark Blaze. The idea of him dying was always haunting him for the past years. Having tried it a lot of times by then, he finally decided to take the final step towards it.

He looked in front and saw himself in the mirror. His shiny and smooth black hair which could make girls envious about. His six feet tall frame with a very athletic body. The strikingly handsome face of his with cold and dead-looking eyes.

His slightly tanned skin gave a distant aura around him. The tight muscles and abs which showed due to the well-fit shirt he was wearing and the most attention gaining part of his body, his eyes. With one blue and the other green, he was strikingly handsome to look at.

He looked around himself and saw the small room he shared with his friend. He saw the two beds and the small kitchen they shared. The sink was filled with disposable cups and boxes from what he had the past few days.

All the clothes scattered around the room which were a sacrifice for the frustration he had bottled up inside him. He looked up and saw the rope he tied to the fan to hang himself. He slowly dragged the chair beside him under the rope, getting ready to die.

As he stepped on the chair, he slowly had doubts about what he was doing. He slowly got a fear of death installed in him as he continued to have doubts about this. He shook his head and threw away all these thoughts as he finally decided on this.

"Wait for me mother, sister, I will be coming there soon," and got on the chair.

He held the rope with both his hands as he gulped his saliva. He slowly brought it near his face, but his phone rang. He tried to ignore it and continued to keep his head inside the rope. His phone rang again and he couldn't help but look at its direction.

He noticed the caller was his roommate, who had gone out on a field trip with his college. He couldn't help but wonder why he was calling him over and over again.

"Oh well, this is probably the last time I will ever hear his voice." and got down.

His roommate was one of two only friends he ever had in that life. It was precisely due to him that Mark stopped suiciding a lot of times in the past. He slowly picked up his phone and saw his friend's name, Kevin. Kevin Forst, one of the two only friends Mark had in his entire life. Kevin was the only person who stuck with him throughout his life when it was hell. The other person came later in his life when he started out college.

He slowly answered the phone and heard the voice on the other side, "Hey Mark, I need some help."

Mark couldn't help but shed a tear hearing his friend's voice for one last time.

"Tell me, What's up?"

"I need you to go to my internship office and get some papers for me. They really are important and I can't take them when I get back."

Hearing a request from him Mark couldn't say no and said, "Ok, I will do it."

"Thanks, man, Don't worry when I am back let's buy the new game you wanted."

Hearing him, Mark couldn't help but chuckle as his voice choked with tears filling his eyes. He wiped the tears off his face. He couldn't help but ask, "How is the trip?"

"Oh, are you regretting not coming now? It's fine, I'm enjoying it. I'll be back in two days, so please try to keep the room clean. I don't want to see it dirty. Ok fine, I gotta go, the teacher is calling us. I will call you when I'm back at the hotel." and cut the call.

Mark wiped the tears off seeing his friend's hurry and kept the phone back in his pocket. He looked at the rope and thought, "Looks like you gotta wait for some more time."

He grabbed his jacket off the hook and wore it. He took Kevin's office ID and walked out of the room. He carefully locked the door. He kept the keys back in his pockets and slowly went to the end of the corridor. He looked at the wall on the side and noticed its bad condition and shook his head.

"I asked the landlord to repair it. It might collapse even if a minor earthquake occurs." he sighed, shaking his head.

Going down the stairs, he went out of the building. He looked back at the sorry state of the building and walked away. He slowly looked up, squinting his eyes at the bright sun. He tried to enjoy the last moments he would ever have to the fullest.

After 30 minutes, he slowly reached a big office building. He noticed many people coming in and out, wearing costly suits, talking on their phones. He made his way inside and went to the reception.

"Hello there. I am here on behalf of my friend to take some documents for him. Here is his ID." showing Kevin's ID to the receptionist.

The receptionist took the ID and made a call. After taking over the phone she cut the call and asked Mark, "Yes, you can go inside to the 10th floor, please. The receptionist there would have the files you need."

Mark nodded and went into the elevator by the side. He pressed on the 10th floor and felt relieved as no one came in with him. The elevator stopped once it reached the 10th floor, and the doors opened. He saw the outer view through the building's windows and felt amazed.

He slowly walked out and made his way towards the receptionist. He showed her the ID, and the receptionist asked him to sit on the chairs to the side while she goes in and searches for the file.

Mark nodded and sat on the comfy sofa while looking out of the window. He looked at the passing clouds as he noticed how much he will miss this world after a while. Even if he tried to suicide so many times, there were still some moments he spent happily before everything went downhill in his life. 

As he continued to see the clouds he suddenly saw black smoke outside. Feeling confused, he stood up and went towards the glass and looked down.

What he saw made him frozen in his spot. It was one of the most terrifying things he had ever seen in his whole life.

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