The Empty Bridal Chamber

Author: Qin Xu
Contemporary Romance
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What is The Empty Bridal Chamber

Read ‘The Empty Bridal Chamber’ Online for Free, written by the author Qin Xu, This book is a Contemporary Romance Novel, covering LOVEAFTERMARRIAGE Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: For the sake of her family's dying company, Lin Wanmeng was forced to marry Ye Lingxiao, a man in a vegetative state. It...


For the sake of her family's dying company, Lin Wanmeng was forced to marry Ye Lingxiao, a man in a vegetative state. It was a solo wedding, after which she found that her boyfriend, Shen Yusong, was sleeping with her best friend. She gritted her teeth and decided to use her new status as Mrs. Ye to punish those scum! Throwing herself in front of Ye Lingxiao's, she bawled, "Oh, my husband... Don't worry. I will take care of you so that you recover soon! Sob..." The Ye family sighed. "We've picked the right girl. She just might be Lingxiao's lucky star!" "What a fine child! You will have played the most important role if he recovers!" "Yes, this is the right wife for my son. Shame he's so unfortunate in life!" Although Lin Wanmeng lay motionlessly in bed, he thought then that she was quite the actress, so he pinned her underneath himself and went for it. Later, rumors swirled everywhere that the persistently praised daughter-in-law of the Ye Family was pregnant with a bastard soon after her belly started to bulge. When the Ye family came with a bone to pick, Ye Lingxiao descended upon them, tenderly caressing her belly as he spoke words that left everyone shaking in their boots: "Call my son a bastard again, and I will tear your tongue out." As Shen Yusong saw Lin Wanmeng becoming more reliant on Ye Lingxiao by the day, he broke down and slapped himself across the face. "Oh, Wanmeng! I was wrong! The one I love has always been you! Let's elope! "Really? You're getting gutsier by the day, teasing your aunt now too!" Ye Lingxiao strode towards them and kicked Shen Yusong away before grabbing Lin Wanmeng by the chin and kissing her. She was sobbing as she wrapped her hands around his neck, complaining, "Oh, darling... If you were a second later, you would have lost your wife and son..."

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The plot is formulaic. The characters are derivative. The pacing is too fast. Is the author trying to tell the whole story in 40 chapters? The world building sucks. This is not worth spending a single coin on.


I didn’t expect to like this since the summary was pretty cliche but I did It really gives you the feels I like how most of the characters are realistic and you can feel for the FL and what she’s going though. I don’t know how I feel about the ML yet. He’s not abusive at least…






I don't like any novel that have misunderstanding in it. that roller coaster is not my thing atall[img=faceslap][img=faceslap][img=faceslap]




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