192 There's no Unconditional Love

Four immobile limbs never limited a desperate person in her struggle. 

Wei Yi Yi struck Jiang Yu squarely with her head. Including the unsuspecting Jiang Yu, not an ounce of hesitation halted her brute action. Their foreheads smacking with a loud 'tonk!'. Jiang Yu fell on his back while Wei Yi Yi rolled out straight down on the floor.

Two idiots faced one another, both of them clutching their reddened forehead.

"Why are you so violent?!" 

"You were too close! It's disrespectful!"

"What are you fussing about?" Jiang Yu was dizzy and now there's a following headache. "It's not the first time we are sleeping together."

"Who is sleeping with you?!"

Damn Wei Yi Yi's loose screw. Damn her dirty mind. She has now labeled Jiang Yu as a wolf; a tainted filter is now attached to all his actions and words, alerting her nerves to high tension.


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