1 Chapter 1: No auto sync

Wei Yi Yi felt like she aggro many years of bad luck. The feeling of suffering a loss and eating dog shit made her uncomfortable she wanted to vomit.

After twenty five years of being alive, unable to touch her insurance that she had paid with tears and blood nor able to sit comfortably on her hard earn raise, she actually transmigrated!

'It's bad luck! Definitely bad!'

Reading is her ultimate hobby. She's proud to say that she could finish an entire book in one sitting. Thick hardbound books with many series are an ok too! And lately, she has been addicted to CN novels. Holding her phone whole day, she binge read that entire white lotus MC, revenge MC, reincarnated MC with cute pets and dimension and of course transmigrated MC.

She finished all available translation of those genres in a short amount of time and while she's all hype reading those and wishes for more, she's totally and ultimately confident that she won't survive the ancient times!

Wei Yi Yi: bro, I wanna go home. Take me!

The strong feeling of being cheated and taken to be a lab rat is intense inside of her.

The room where she laid is big with different set of furniture. Although it is quite, she felt the presence of people outside. Still, she dare not call carelessly and thankfully no one enter casually too.

Her body--- which clearly did not belong to her--- burned with fever. Small movements are taxing enough, let alone move to check her face. Her heart is pounding so hard and her head is pulsing. It might be because of the fever or maybe because of the mirage of emotions assaulting her. The worst of all is that she didn't know which of which of those belongs to her and which are of the original.

Her heart continues to pound and pound louder. It was hammering against her chest like a wild beast trying to get out. She's on her wit's end and a sense of panic slowly builds up.

It's been a while now but she did not know where she is or who she is. All 'w' questions do not have answers.

She felt lost because there's no memory of the original! Not even a speck! 'Where's the auto sync, ah!'

'What the hell?! Aren't the memory supposed to be passed on?! What do I do? Stare at people all day?! With how rich this room seemed to posses, the original is definitely not an orphan.'

'If your family found out and accused me of being an evil spirit, I'll search you in the underworld no matter what and drown you in the river of forgetfulness!'

Wei Yi Yi head hurts as she internally curses. The fever is not making it any better.

Wait! That's right! She has a fever. They say that fever affects the brain. If worse come to worse she'll just say that she turns silly from fever.

With that sorted out, she did not care anymore and slept.


"Daughter Yi, why persist in entering the palace? That place is cold and unfeeling. Your father's heart cannot be at east. Marrying into a good noble house is enough and with our background; they will dare not bully you."

A middle age man kept talking about how no good is the palace. That it is nothing but a cage of beasts, collected to eat and gnawed at each other.

He talked about reasons and how their family is of a good one and marriage is not a problem and whether which noble family she wanted to marry--- or even if it of ordinary scholars--- she will enjoy a good life ahead.

Sadly the girl did not listen. Hearing on one ear and discarding on another, her mind floated to a distant memory.

As a child, her birth was noble enough to become friends with an imperial princess and become a study companion. The palace scream of riches and beautiful garments sway as the wind blows. It truly makes anyone jealous.

Among the many outstanding people, she found him. There, a boy stood aloof with a proud exterior. As if all the gold and silk are but dust to the eyes. She thought that out of everyone there, he was the most beautiful.

A young child, not even of age, had her heart stolen from her. Never been return again. Not even once.


Wei Yi Yi jolted awake from her dreams.

'Ah really, dreams are indeed nightmares as well.'

"Your Ladyship, you're finally awake. You scared this servant to death!"

On her bedside, a pretty young lady is holding a handkerchief and wiping her clean. She wore clothes that belong to ancient dramas.

"This servant already called for a doctor," the pretty lady added.

The cold sensation gave Wei Yi Yi a comfortable feeling. She also felt a lot calmer now and refreshed. Her internal screaming was momentarily on hold as she eyed the new person.

A doctor came and took her pulse with calculated movements. After being prescribed with medicine and having rested, she sorts out what she knows.

All the memories seem distant and fleeting and so, she does not know what the current situation is. Maybe it is because the memory is fragmented or maybe because these memories do not belong to her.

She and the original share the same name. She called BS for this. She's the only daughter of the prime minister. Wow, another BS. Anyway, the original is treated like a pearl by her father and her brothers. But this kid is crazy in love. Yay, there's a plot. Wei Yi Yi rolls her eyes for this common plot.

Apparently, she's in love with the eldest prince. As she is able to enter the palace, many chance of encounter present themselves to her. She stalked her prince everywhere in the palace but has no guts to actually approach. She found all his hobby and favorite things. Thus, she learns a lot of skill she thought would complement the prince's daily life.

Having shared the same name and yet being a totally different person, 'Tsk, if you have guts to stalk then have guts to confess ah!'

Compare to the bloody scheming she always read, this era appear more lenient and in moment of peace. Wei Yi Yi always felt that if she transmigrates she will not survive as the ancients think of life as paper thin and they are very restricted.

But then…

'Even an unmarried woman can follow a man around so what's there to fear!'

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