44 Chapter 44


I know what you guys might be wondering "Author? What an unexpected surprise. We're happy to see you"

All I can say to that is that I'm here unwillingly. This crazy girl by the name of @Beamingkangaroo busted through my front door, aimed a gun to my head and just looked into my eyes for a few sec without saying a word

Until she spoke just one word. One word that ignited all of this


That's all she said before she left...

Please send help


[Third Person's PoV]

"Can you come out with me today I want to discuss something with you" Said Alexia when their class ended.

Cid just nodded seeing nothing wrong with that. And so started their little date that's not really a date. Cid started to explore the capital with Alexia as she asked him for a favor.

"Can you pretend to be my boyfriend for a while, until 'He' leaves me alone and finally decides that it's not worth his time to keep chasing after me"

"Sorry I don't think I can"

Alexia then looked at him in confusion and grew teary eyed "Is it that you can't or is it that you won't? What's wrong with me that even dating me for pretense is something you can't do"

Cid just looked at Alexia like she's being weird "There's nothing wrong with you, I really can't date you, I'm incapable of doing it... afterall I'm married" Cid showed Alexia the ring he always had on with a multicolored gem on his ring finger.

When Cid took Alpha's and the others virginities, he crafted a ring with multiple enchantments and gave it to each of them. Each ring had gems that give off a shine the same color as their eyes.

While each time Cid took their virginity, the color of their mana would then be engraved into the gem of his ring making it multicolored.

Alexia's brain blue screened when he showed her his hand. Alexia's face then started growing red with shame and embarrassment

'I was falling in love with a married man, I almost became a home wrecker, God I'm so embarrassed. It's no wonder he didn't pay attention to my advances, it's not because I'm not beautiful, it's because he's taken'

"Yeah, i don't think my wives would appreciate it if I just started randomly dating the princess of a Kingdom" said Cid nonchalantly as he bought ice cream for the both of them.

Alexia stood still with a ice cream in hand and had to do a double take "Wait what? Wives? With an S? As in plural? I'm sorry can you repeat what you just said I'm not sure I heard you correctly"

Cid just looked at her wondering whats wrong with her today "I said... Yeah, i don't think my wives would appreciate it if I just started randomly dating the princess of a Kingdom"

Alexia nodded her head with the ice cream still in her hands "Yeah I thought I heard that. WHAT THE FFFFFFF.... deep breaths, take deep breaths. The hell you mean wives as in more than one, how is that possible?. How did the church even approve of such a thing? Polygamy is not something the church condones"

"Huh? Why the hell would I go to the church to get married?"

Alexia just looks at him like he's the biggest moron in the entire world

While Cid does the same, he looks at her like that's the dumbest idea he's ever heard.

They kept staring at each other like that while eating their ice cream.

Alexia closes her eyes and softly mutters "oh my God, you're serious. I can't believe he actually asked me that"

(A/n: is there an actual God in EIS, I mean there's a church so there must be a God right? Or does the church only pray for the heroes guidance?)

With a sigh Alexia starts explaining "it's for the protection of the goddess, so you can have a healthy relationship and your relationship gets blessed. Etc..."

Alexia then went on to explain the multitude of reasons on to why, she then finishes it off with "So since you didn't technically get married through the church, you're marriage doesn't technically count"

As soon as Cid heard this he started dying of laughter "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT'S HILARIOUS! my God Alexia I didn't know you could joke like that"

Alexia started looking at Cid with a bit of worry and pity 'Did hearing his marriage doesn't actually count break his heart and made him lose his mind... poor thing'

Just as Alexia was about to comfort him, Cid wiped his tears from his eyes for laughing to hard and shook his head almost dissapointed with her "Alexia, Alexia, you poor ignorant child, I sometimes envy your naivety. It's such a nice thing to have."

Cid's face then turned cold along with his voice "Listen well since this is the only time I'm going to say this. I don't need nobody's blessing or reassurance that I'm married to someone, if I say me and this person are married and that person accepts then we're married. I don't need some "higher power" to tell me or define my relationship with someone.

And What does my relationship with them need protection from? They're all very good women, so I don't have anything to worry about, if they weren't I wouldn't have married them now, would I?, My wives all accept the title of my wife graciously, just as I do the same as their husband. So don't insult my relationship with technicalities."

Alexia almost stood there stunned, she never heard someone speak to her like that, especially in that type of tone 'Did my comment really piss him off that much? Just how much does he love them?'

Alexia let's out a sigh with a smile on her face "You must really love them for you to get so defensive about this, I'm almost kinda jealous"

Cid face and tone just went back to normal like nothing ever happened and said "You don't have to really worry about the sword instructor. I mean you literally said we were in love with each other infront of the whole class, what's the point of even asking me now.

Look there's even people pointing at us right now and whispering things about our relationship"

Alexia hearing this grew red with shame 'I said that about a married man. Kill me now please'. She then looked around and saw students that were out and about pointing and softly whispering about them.

"No way, the princess and the Dark prince are on a date, so the rumors were true after all"

"Kyaaa! They look so cute together. The black and white together really is a nice contrast, it's like to opposites coming together to form this beautiful scene"

"Aww man the princess is so lucky I want to go on a date with someone who's as least as good looking as him"

"I still wouldn't mind if he took me up against the wall and had his way with me. I'm all tingling just imagining it"


Alexia grew slightly anxious at that "I'm not going to get you in trouble with your wives, am I?"

Cid just shook his head "Nah don't worry they are very understanding. Once I explain everything they will understand"

Alexia let out a sigh of relief...

And just like that the two spent the rest of the day exploring the capital under the watchful eyes of students.



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