The Eminence of a True Monarch of the Shadows

What happened when an actor/assassin reincarnates as Minoru (Cid's previous incarnation) and then later gets reincarnated once again as Cid Kagenou aka Shadow with the powers of The Shadow Monarch, read and find out.

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Chapter 39

[Cid's PoV]

It has been a week since classes officially started. And for the most part it has been relatively normal with nothing extraordinary going on.

I would most like leave a clone of myself here in the future since I could be doing something better with my time.

It was now past lunch time and I was in the training hall, where sword classes are taking place. For the past week I was mostly practicing the basics, and just the basics. But I was secretly surrounding my insides with gravity making this basic work out even more of a challenge.

Today it would appear that people are pairing up with each other for practice. Well I'll just continue to practice on my own.

When I went off to practice I felt a tap on my shoulders. Turning towards the person that tapped me, I find out that it's none other then the youngest princess of the Midgard Kingdom Alexia Midgard.

(Pic of Alexia)

[Third Person's PoV]

While Cid was practicing by himself Alexia tapped him in the shoulder.

Irritated from being disturbed, he turned towards her and asked "What do you want?"

Alexia taken aback by his attitude said "That's rude, I just wanted to ask you a question."

"Well ask your question and be done with it" Cid said as he resumed his previous exercise.

"Tch, you think you're so good don't you, well what I wanted to know was why do you only do the basics. I have been watching you for a week, I thought for certain that someone of your strength would be practicing flashier moves"

Cid while still practicing just side-eyes her before he says "Because they're the most important"

Alexia's eyes widen a bit at that "Why do you think they're the most important"

Cid's shoulder slump slightly as he mutters "So annoying"

Alexia clearly hearing him started getting annoyed but all she did was clench her sword slightly still awaiting his answer.

"The basics are the foundation to any and all swordplay, the more honed these bases are the stronger that foundation is going to be.

Sword fighting is like building a structure. If the foundation is all wonky then the entire thing can easily collapse and it'll get you nowhere. But if that foundation is strong and just gets stronger, no matter what anyone does, they wouldn't be able to even chip any side of the structure.

So the more I hone my basics the stronger my fighting style is going to be. And the more i can build my way around it, without having to worry about anything falling apart."

Alexia's eyes widen even further not expecting to hear of something so profound. "I see" she softly whispered.

She then walked a bit closer and demanded "Let's spar"

Cid just completely ignored her existence as if she wasn't there anymore.

Seeing him not responding, Alexia clears her throat and demanded once again "Let's spar"

Once again, to Cid it was like her existence wasn't registering in his head. He would just continue to swing his sword in perfect arcs without any wasteful movements.

Alexia, seeing the way Cid moved his sword was almost entranced with it. 

"Lets spar" Alexia demanded with more vigor.

Cid just closed his eye and breathed out "Just leave me alone, you're being a bother. You're supposed to be a princess so act like it. Go and be a pest somewhere else"

"Tsk. Stop being such a jerk, there is no reason for you to be acting like this. Just cause your sister taught you how to fight doesn't mean you can act like this with everyone you meet"

Cid stopped what he was doing and slowly turns his head towards her direction. And in a voice devoid of any emotions he asked "What did you just say?"

Alexia started to get goosebumps when she heard Cid but wanting to stand her ground she replied with "You heard what I said"

Cid just looked into her eyes, which freaked out Alexia even more. Cid then turned his body with his wooden sword still in hand towards her direction "Get in position"

"What" Alexia asked nervously

"Get. In. Position"

"Yes sir" she squeaked out as she got into her fighting position, separating a respectable distance between them.

Cid didn't give her a chance to attack first, he just casually swung his sword in her direction a bit but due to the force she was sent sliding back.

Cid then reappeared again infront of her and swung his sword with a bit more force making her drop her sword.

Cid just pointed his own sword at her while he just coldly said "Pick it up"

Alexia got more shaken up when she heard his cold voice and carefully picked up her sword. She then notice almost everyone stopped what they were doing and were now looking at her.

She slowly gulped when she saw all those eyes at her as she got into position.

Cid not caring about her predicament started attacking again.

Whether it was a forward slash or a sideways swipe, Cid didn't stop on his assault until both of their sword were broken.

When they broke he look directly into her eyes as he said "Don't assume things you don't know, my sister didn't teach me anything, my own skill and power come from my own efforts. I was the one that taught my sister. Not the other way around."

And with that Class soon ended and Cid started making his way towards his next class leaving Alexia with a broken sword in her hands with alot to ponder about.

While walking towards his next class a pair of students came up and blocked his way.

"Hey I heard you were Claire's little brother."

Cid didn't bother to listen to them.

He grabbed both of their head and slammed it onto each other completely knocking them out. Cid just walked around them like nothing ever happened and went about his day.

The next day....

Cid was seen sitting down just eating his lunch alone in the cafeteria.

Due to how he mostly beats up anyone that gets close to him. He has become somewhat of a loner. Not that he minded, he liked being alone.

While eating Alexia suddenly appears out of nowhere with a long tray of many different types of food.

"Mind if I sit here" Alexia asked with a smile.

Cid just ignored her as he continued eating.

Alexia seeing him not responding just sighed before sitting down infront of Cid and start lining up her food infront of herself.

Alexia then started to eat her food with her noble etiquette. While cutting her meat she just said "I'm sorry"

Cid stopped what he was doing and just raised an eyebrow.

"I'm sorry for spitting on your hard work. I shouldn't have said that even if it was true."

"Okay you're creeping me out. What is it that you want" said Cid putting down his own fork and knife.

A tick mark then formed on Alexia's head "What?, I can't apologize for my mistakes"

"With the way you were acting yesterday I would have thought you would throw around your title and demanded to be forgiven"

"What? Just how low is your opinion of me"

"Almost none existence, I barely know you, I literally just met you yesterday for the first time. Why would I have any opinions of you"

Alexia's cheeks then turned slightly red as she muttered "fair point"

She then adjusted her sitting position to appear more presentable. "I want to ask you for a favor"

"Of course you do" Cid said rolling his eyes

Alexia pretending she didn't see that just continued "Please teach me what you taught your sister, I know that you taught your sister because she's blood related and since I have no relation with you I have no right.

But I want to get stronger, so please help me"

Cid just looked at her for a bit longer "Why should I help you. Like I previously said I barely even know you."

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