The Eminence of a True Monarch of the Shadows

What happened when an actor/assassin reincarnates as Minoru (Cid's previous incarnation) and then later gets reincarnated once again as Cid Kagenou aka Shadow with the powers of The Shadow Monarch, read and find out.

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Chapter 31

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~Omni Pov~

When everyone turned their head and looked at Shadow awaiting their praise, he just continued smiling and petting Kaisel without a change of expression.

"Are you girls satisfied with your victory or rather battle with dragon" Shadow asked softly. Even though it was in a low voice everyone heard it.

The girls then looked at each and then at Shadow and nodded their head, clearly satisfied.

The smile in Shadow's face quickly turned upside down and made into a frown, which made the girls quickly panic.

"Wrong answer"

And with that Shadow started to stand up lifting Kaisel's head from his lap and as he stood up the throne was quickly coming undone and going into his shadow, followed by Igris, Beru, and Kaisel who went back into his shadow.

Shadow's Conqueror's Haki then blasted at full force making the girls quickly drop to the ground and the dragon lower it's head slightly.

He then started walking towards the dragon and the girls while talking.

"What the hell you mean you're satisfied with that shit.

You all ganged up on him, all 7 of you and all you managed to do was just make him slightly out of breath.

And your satisfied with that?

One, if you fought him on your own you would have been dead. Two, he was clearly holding back, it was saving it's magic for when we fight, which he is a dumbass for doing that. And three, his attention was divided against the 7 of you.

And you're saying you're satisfied with that?

Disappointing, truly disappointing"

The girls hearing this got teary-eyed, the last thing they ever wanted was to disappoint their master. So hearing him say he was disappointed with them broke them slightly.

The dragon hearing this was quite shock "Why? Why are you so hard on them?, I think they did splendidly. Even i said that I recognized their strengths and power, so why are you disappointed in their strength and power?"

"HUH? Who the fuck needs your recognition, what's your recognition going to do to them? I'll tell you what your recognition is going to do to them, give them a massive fucking ego and get themselves killed, that's what.

So you can take your recognition and shove it up your arse."

"Wha-" the dragon was too stunned to even speak properly appalled by his behavior but before the dragon could get his barings,  Shadow continued speaking

"*Sigh*, it looks like nobody listens to me when I speak.

Since when did I say I was disappointed with their strengths and powers.

I couldn't be prouder of the girls they're becoming and of how strong they have grown since I met them"

Tears started flowing unwillingly from the girls eyes, not expecting to hear that from him

Meanwhile the dragon just got even more confused "Then what is it that you're disappointed by? You humans are one confusing species"

"What I'm disappointed about is that they are satisfied in their current strength"

Hearing this the eyes of the dragon and the watery eyes of the girls grew wide in shock

"They should never and I mean never be satisfied with their strength, such actions are unacceptable in my eyes.

The moment one deems one own strength sufficient and satisfactory is the moment that it turns into complacency and they stop growing stronger.

I have said previously that I have Pride and Confidence in my own strength and Power but not once have I said I am satisfied with it. I want more strength... more power..." Shadow then stops and thinks to himself 'I guess the original Cid and I aren't that different if I think about it'

"Anyways as I was saying, I am just disappointed that they were satisfied with their current powers, they were about to turn complacent and stop growing stronger and getting better.

They have the potential for it, but when they're satisfied then that potential is wasted...

I hope that satisfied your questioning and as for why I'm hard on them it's cause I love them what other reason do I need"

This caused the hearts of the girls to skip a beat. 'H-H-H-He said that he l-l-l-love m-meeeeeeee' the girls then started turning into a blushing mess not expecting their master to confess to them.

Meanwhile Eta just gave her master eyes full of unadulterated lust, as if wanting to rip off his clothes and do him right there infront of everyone, consequences be damned.

Shadow already getting tired of talking started to levitate off the ground with his coat fluttering in the wind. He then picked up the girls with Ruler's Authority and put them a few feet away so they could see his fight.

He proceeded to engulf them in a barrier to protect them from the shockwaves and force of their battle.

When he was up towards the dragons head he went and placed a hand on it's face and once it made contact he started to use healing magic on the dragon.

"What are you doing, I'm perfectly fine there's no need to heal me" said the dragon bewildered by Shadow's strange actions.

"You may be physically fine but not your magic power, the girls slightly depleted it and I want to fight you at your peak... and stop talking your existence has almost reached it's character limit"

"Why you-" the dragon grew angry with the unexpected trash talk.

Once the dragon was back towards it's peak Shadow backed away and they both stood a good distance from each other.

Once they were a good distance away they just kept staring at each other waiting for the first person to make their moves.

Shadow not being the type to wait for something so useless acted first, and disappeared from everyone's view and reappearing infront of the dragon.

Due to the unexpected appearance the dragon got quite frightened and tried to back away but failed to do so, as Shadow just sent a right hook with his enhanced fist, sending the dragon crashing into the ground and creating a crater.

Shadow quickly followed after it and grabbed the dragon by it's tail and started to swing him around in circles. And once it got a few good spins in, Shadow sent it flying and crashing into trees destroying them in the process.

Shadow followed after once again but was attacked by the dragon swatting his tail at it, luckily he was able to block it on time by coating his arms in Armament Haki and positioning them infront of himself.

Although due to the force and power of the dragon he was flying and crashing into the ground with dust flying everywhere.

Once the dust cleared the dragon appeared infront of Shadow with a beam of magic already charged and fired it towards him.

As for Shadow he was perfectly fine and when he saw the beam of magic coming towards him he didn't panic and just coated his hand with the element of Death.

As soon as the dragon's magic beam and Shadow's hand made contact, the dragon's beam started to die not going any further and just dying as soon as it made contact.

The dragon seeing this just put more power making the beam grow even larger trying to overpower Shadow, but Shadow just kept his hand infront of him.

Slowly Shadow started levitating with his arm still stretched out and made his way closer and closer towards the dragon.

Once they were face to face, Shadow started to get into a punching position standing on the air as if there were a platform and with a fist just a inch off the dragon's face Shadow spoke. But he wasn't speaking towards the dragon he was speaking to the girls that were watching everything in shock.

"Wanna know something interesting, Sound is just vibrating air. Now what happens when you turn that vibration to another level...

The beings get pulverized"

As soon as Shadow said the last part, he performed the one inch punch destroying the dragon completely, sending blood just flying everywhere.

Cid then slowly started coming down from the sky and waited for the dragon to regenerate itself back again.

While waiting he turned towards the girls and saw Beta once again writing on her book while muttering "And the Shadow Monarch barely moving his fist completely obliterates the dragon saving the princess Beta from his wicked hands"

Beta then started to scratch out the part she just wrote while roughly scratching her head and muttering "No, No, No, My lord is better than that. This is complicated, my lord is to great to be described by mere words. What am I going to do"

Shadow hearing her just smiled slightly and shook his head at Beta's antics. He then sensed the dragon regenerating and coming back towards him.

When the dragon arrived Shadow didn't even give him the chance to speak and summoned roots and vines from the ground and pulled the dragon downwards.

Once he was at a perfect distance Shadow opened the ground with his magic and pulled the dragon into the ground. Before the dragon could roar in protest or retaliate, Shadow snapped it's snout shut and reinforced the vines and dragged it completely into the crevice he made.

Once the dragon was inside, Shadow clapped his hands together making the ground follow suit, completely squishing the dragon to death. Blood just gushed out the cracks that were still present.

And as the dragon regenerated, it looked exhausted from the constant death and regeneration "STOP IT, PLEASE JUST KILL ME"

Shadow then cave the kindest smile he could muster, it was so kind that it even captivated the girls slightly.

"No" and with that he proceeded to completely burn the dragon into a crisp with a flame so hot it scorched even the ground.

Shadow then waited for the dragon to regenerate and used Ruler's Authority to bring him closer to him.

And as the dragon was brought close, it opened it's mouth and started to send rapid shots of Magical energy.

Shadow just covered his hands with Armament Haki and started to swat away any ball of energy that came close.

Shadow just raised a hand and made a closing fist motion, the dragon then started to squish itself together due to Shadow using Ruler's Authority. Blood kept spraying everywhere the more Shadow squeezed his fist.

Until all that was left was blood, scales, and meat, everywhere.

Already getting tired of dealing with the Dragon, Shadow then waiting for it to regenerate, once it was fully regenerated Shadow said "Rejoice, as your long awaited wish shall become a reality"

Shadow then made a sword with his slime and casually held it in the sky, as he held it he started encasing the entire sword with the element of Death.

The element was so potent on the sword that the area around it started to turn gray as if the colors were dying. Shadow then started to surround his sword with magical energy from this world making it glow a beautiful purple color.

And while looking at the dragon, his eyes glowed a bright purple coloring and said "May the last words you hear be the very definition of my existence."

And as he was speaking he let go of the sword which started falling without any resistance.







And as soon as the sword touched the ground the sword sunk in effortlessly. The world then soon lost all color and sound, as as a blast soon encompassed everything around it. All the things the elements of death would touch would just wither away without a moments notice.

Whether it was the ground, the grass, the flowers, the tree's any animals nearby, the color of the sky, and even the sun itself, all turned a grey dull color as it looked like everything was ending.

As soon as the dragon got exposed to the explosion, it tried to scream in pain and roar but sound wouldn't come out, whether it was the magical energy keeping it alive or the energy of the world, it was killed and dead. Not even the sound of his pain was let alive.

Slowly the dragon started to close his eyes and with a final acceptance the flames of life that kept it alive was snuffed out from existence. All that was left was a pile of bones. But even that would have been reduced to ashes if Shadow didn't stop it on time. 

All that was left was a grey area of death and silence showcasing just why he was called the Monarch of Death.