The Eminence of a True Monarch of the Shadows

What happened when an actor/assassin reincarnates as Minoru (Cid's previous incarnation) and then later gets reincarnated once again as Cid Kagenou aka Shadow with the powers of The Shadow Monarch, read and find out.

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Chapter 128

[Celeste PoV]

A Noble? Yawn. A King? Too overused. An Emperor? Oh brother, can't you get any more predictable? Now, an Angel, that's where it's at. Why, you may ask… well, because MY DADDY'S A FREAKING ANGEL, BABY! WOOOAH!

Igris continued to speak, and I eagerly listened, wanting to know more about my daddy.

"At the dawn of time, when light and darkness were all that existed, the Absolute Being split the light to create the Rulers and split the darkness to create the Monarchs."


Wait, Igris called daddy a Monarch. Does that mean he was created from darkness and not light… so he's not an angel…?

Is he the Devil then?

Am I the daughter of a Devil? Would… I start wanting to eat children…? Does my daddy like to eat children…?

Um, is it too late to take back my woos? You know, now that you mention it, being the daughter of a regular Noble doesn't sound too bad.

"So, in other words, our lord is a being born from darkness..." One of them asked, as I was beginning to question my life.

And like music to my little ears, Igris continued,

"No," Igris shook his head. "Our liege was born a Ruler. In fact, out of all the Rulers, our liege was the strongest of them all."


Hehehe, and I'm his daughter. If I could move my body right about now, I would be dancing.

The Daughter of the Strongest Angel, ooh, that sounds lovely.

But wait, he said 'Was,' which means it's in the past. So what happened? And wait, didn't Igris call him a Monarch? What a confusing story this is turning out to be.

I better listen. I don't want to celebrate too early again. Go on my lovely knight, finish your tales.

"But I thought you said he was a Monarch?" the whitish-blue-haired elf asked curiously.

Which I was just thinking about too. Thumbs up to you for asking what I'm thinking.

To which Igris responded, "He was... You'll understand in a moment. You see, the Rulers and the Monarchs were in constant war with each other. This war led to countless deaths and bloodshed. The Rulers asked the Absolute Being to gift them strength to finally end the Monarchs and stop this war, but the Absolute Being did not reply. It was then that the Rulers realized that their war with the Monarchs was mere entertainment to him and that the Absolute Being did not want the war to end."

So God was evil… I can see that being true… Now I don't even know how to feel about this. But maybe it was because of this God that I was able to be reborn and meet my daddy, so he can't be that evil, right?

"This fact, along with the realization that the war would never end as long as the Absolute Being was alive, led seven of the eight Rulers to rebel against their god. Our liege, the last and strongest Ruler, was the only one who remained loyal to the Absolute Being and tried his best to stop them, but they eventually defeated him and left him for dead," Igris continued, not giving me a chance to fully process my previous thoughts.

If I'm my daddy's daughter, that means he survived against them. Wow, just how strong is my daddy to be able to fight and survive against seven angels?

As these thoughts came to mind, I heard the wolf lady let out a cry, "Nooo! Bossu! He can't be dead!"

This… this lady isn't very smart, is she? Even I, a child, was able to figure out he's still alive.

I watched as they all slowly turned towards the wolf lady on the floor.

"Delta, remember our connection; our master is alive," the blond elf lady said.

I see, so her name is Delta. What an interesting name… Speaking of names, what kind of Angel name is Cid? Is God not very creative?

Delta quickly stood back up and appeared normal. "Oh right, please continue."

Hehehe, she's funny. Now that I look closer, she's very pretty too… I want to touch her tail and ears. I wonder if they're soft.

"My liege didn't die; before he could die, he discovered that the Absolute Being had hidden a monstrous power inside his body and promptly activated it, transforming himself into the Shadow Monarch," Igris said.

'The Shadow Monarch… What a cool name. So he's an angel turned demon? Is he a demonic Angel? An Angelic Demon?

Okay, an Angelic Demon sounds kinda nice. Let's go with that. My new daddio is an Angelic Demon, the strongest of them, being able to face against seven angels and live to tell the tale… named Cid… sigh.

Come on, daddy, you can do better than that.

"With his health fully restored and now even stronger than before, Ashborn returned to the battlefront to continue the fight. But by the time he got back, he found out that he was too late, as the rebellion was already over, and the Absolute Being was already dead," Igris continued.

Okay, okay, okay, wait a minute. That was too much information in that one sentence. I'm going to need time to process.

First things first, HIS NAME IS ASHBORN AND HE CHOSE CID… ASHBORN IS SUCH A SICK NAME, THOUGH. WHY WOULD HE WANT TO CHANGE IT? When I'm older and able to talk, daddy and I are going to have a serious talk about names.

And God is dead? Was that why he didn't respond to my prayers every time I wished to get better, when I wished my father and mother would look at me with love instead of regret, when I wished all my pain would go away…

Would he have answered if he was still alive? Based on what Igris said about him, I'm beginning to doubt it. He would have just watched me for his amusement, like Igris said he was doing during the war he described.

"After the Rulers captured Legia, the Monarch of Beginnings, the King of Giants, Ashborn realized that the Monarchs would lose if he didn't step in and decided to offer them his help, an offer that they reluctantly accepted."


"Unfortunately for Ashborn, even though he managed to stabilize the power balance and keep the war going, his overwhelming powers earned him great fear from both sides and eventually led two of the nine Monarchs, Rakan, the Monarch of Fangs, King of Beasts, and Baran, the Monarch of White Flames, the Demon King, to turn on him."

COWARDS! Fight him one on one. I bet you wouldn't dare.

"Although Ashborn easily defeated them in battle and killed Baran in retaliation for his treachery, his shadow army was nearly annihilated in the process."

Wait, so is my daddy considered a hero as well, since after all he did defeat the Demon King… My daddy's titles just keep getting bigger and bigger… The Hero's Daughter… eh… The Daughter of The Shadow Monarch. Sounds more imposing.

A funny name came to mind, which caused my baby body to laugh.

'The Daughter of the Shadow Monarch Cid!' Hehehehehehe, that sounds ridiculous.

Mother looked down at me with a smile, seeing me laugh, and rubbed my cheek with her finger the same way daddy did.

"Awww, she's so cute. Now I really want a daughter with Lord husband," the dark blue-haired elf said, hearing my laugh and walking towards me.

She then somehow slipped on the carpet before falling face first onto the ground.

Ouch… that looks like it… wait… Lord Husband…? What did she just call my daddy?

The whitish-blue-haired lady let out a sigh, putting a hand on her cheek. "I know the feeling, but our Lord Husband said it's best to wait."

Another one?

The elf lady that looked like she was about to fall asleep any minute let out a sigh of her own, a sigh of resignation.

"If that's true, I'm probably last."

"That's not entirely true," the blond elf said. "I was the first one to get married to him, but it was Aurora who got pregnant first before I did, and she still hasn't even married him yet, so you never know."



What has my new life come to… Are we here just to suffer?


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