The Eminence of a True Monarch of the Shadows

What happened when an actor/assassin reincarnates as Minoru (Cid's previous incarnation) and then later gets reincarnated once again as Cid Kagenou aka Shadow with the powers of The Shadow Monarch, read and find out.

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Chapter 114

[Third Person's PoV]

As the sun started going down, Claire let out a sigh. "I'll have to go meet up with the knights who are assigned to take care of this mess in a bit."

Cid just looked at her with a raised brow as they continued walking around aimlessly. "Ah, that's right... you're in their ranks, keeping an eye on them. Have you discovered anything?"

"Nothing so far. And for appearance's sake, I have to go and be involved in the strategy meeting being held in a few minutes, though it's going to be boring." Claire then started ruffling her hair.

"The thing is, they don't even seem to care about what's happening with this town. They sent a ragtag group here. I even had to volunteer to participate since it sounded cool and serious at the same time."

Cid just started patting her head to get her to calm down and smile towards her, "I hope you enjoy yourself"

"You sly bastard, I know you well enough to know that was malicious. I just said it was going to be boring!" She growled, while Cid just smirked.

Claire let out a sigh before grabbing his hand and pulling him away. "You know what, getting angry with you isn't going to solve anything."

Claire looked around for a few seconds before pulling Cid into an alleyway and jumped on top of him while wrapping her legs around his waist and grabbing his face. "Since I'm going to be in such a boring meeting, give me some memories to entertain myself in there."

Cid and Claire then began to make out passionately for a few minutes before she jumped out of his embrace and skipped along to her destination.

Meanwhile, Cid shook his head while wiping his lip with his thumb. His eyes turned into dragon slits as he looked up towards the darkening sky. 'The moon's slowly turning red. The magic still isn't acting up. It's moving weirdly but not to the point of creating ghouls. There's only an hour left.'

Cid leaned against the alley wall with a hand in his pocket and began to ponder. 'I can completely stop it from happening. I can completely control the magic and stop it from turning the people into ghouls and completely stop the death of these people, but I don't want to. I deem the revival of Elisabeth more entertaining.

But it doesn't really matter since I can just revive everyone again... I have to accept it. I don't know why I'm turning it away. My perspective was going to change one way or another. I'm already starting to see people as nothing more than things I can play with play with if I deem fit. And that's something I will have to accept the stronger I grow.'

"Now onto the other matter," Cid sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair before ruffling it nervously. 'That connection that's growing, there's no denying it. That's a whole fucking baby growing inside someone, and I'm the father.'

Cid then looked down and put a hand on his face, covering his mouth. 'I'm going to be a father... compared to when I would use my powers, this feels different. It feels much more intimate... more special.'

'Am I seriously growing anxious about being a father?'

Cid forcefully calmed himself down and let out a sigh. "Igris, Beru."

"My liege..." they both said as they knelt down towards him. "Protect my body for a moment."

They both grew confused until they saw Cid's eyes grow purple before softly starting to close.

Cid focused his entire attention on the growing connection that was linked with him before sending his consciousness through it.

When Cid reopened his eyes, he was in a completely white space that seemed to expand infinitely with nothing around for miles.

With a sigh, Cid just started walking. After a few hours of leisurely walking, Cid saw a floating clear orb in the middle of nowhere with a curled-up baby inside, breathing and sleeping peacefully.

Cid didn't say anything and continued walking towards it without an expression on his face.

As he arrived in front of it, he didn't say anything and just continued looking at it. He carefully stretched both his hands out towards the Orb, which was the size of a beach ball.

He continued to gaze at the little life growing inside the orb until he felt something rolling down his cheek.

"She's beautiful…" Cid softly muttered before pressing his forehead against the orb for a few minutes.

"And it looks like your soul is growing strong, little one. As expected of my daughter, I can already feel it. You're going to grow strong. Ah, and it looks like it won't be long until you are born… it's a good thing you're sleeping. Imagine the first thing you see is your cool and handsome dad with a tear rolling down his cheek; that definitely wouldn't be a good first expression."

Looking at the orb, the reality of the situation started to become apparent to Cid. He has a child on the way. He's going to be a father, which was something he definitely wasn't expecting.

"I'll see you in the real world soon enough. I better get going… I haven't thought of a name as of yet."

Cid then released the orb, which still floated in the empty space, and started to squat down with an arm resting leisurely on his knee and a hand on that arm's bicep, while tilting his head to the side with a smile, admiring his creation.

'I honestly don't even know how to feel. I'm happy, worried, proud, anxious, excited, and fearful… so many conflicting emotions all swirling inside of me. Is this what fatherhood is?'

While smiling towards the sleeping baby, Cid's eyes grew purple before slowly starting to close. When he reopened them, he was still leaning against the alleyway, but to his side then laid a tiny mountain of bodies.

"What happened, and for how long have I been out?" Cid asked before noticing the magic around the area had turned chaotic.

'I see an hour has already passed,' Cid thought before Beru confirmed it.

"An hour has passed since my liege went into slumber, and those fools at first tried to take advantage over my liege's rest and take your possessions, so I disposed of them," Beru then looked at Cid with expectant eyes, wanting to be praised.

Cid just smiled amusingly about Beru's expression and petted his head, causing him to glow with pride before continuing with his reports.

"Upon the rising of the red moon, they turned frenzied and tried to attack my liege, so I disposed of them as well."

Cid just shook his head, still amused while patting Beru's head. "Good work. You may return to my shadow."

Beru and Igris bowed, accepting their liege's decree, and went into his shadow.

A ghoul then appeared and jumped towards Cid, ready to kill him, but before it had the chance, a woman with red hair jumped from the skies and impaled the ghoul in the head to kill it.

"What are you doing, young man!? Hurry up and leave, this is bad. The 'Red Moon' has risen. The rampage will begin," the woman announced.

Although already knowing who she was, Cid asked, "And who are you?"

"I am the oldest vampire hunter, Mary. The one who has been hunting the 'Queen of blood" Mary, the one who dropped down from the skies responded.


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