302 The Waves of Monsters

The next second, a wave of monsters was in front of them. The three large rats were as large as grown cats with a weird antler on their head. Their red eyes looked around savagely, it was eerie.

Cassandra stepped back, "This might even be more scary than a spider."

Zane looked at the monsters.

{Failed Product 890

Level: 7

Hp: 1500}

Look at that, they were on the same level. Even though the monster was relatively weak, Zane did not relax. This was not parallel but reality after all.

"Steven, go and draw aggro. When the hp is less than 50%, Cassandra you can join him, and cast your spells from a distance… Carl, focus your attention on Steven and Cassandra."

Carl took out a druid staff, "I can also summon spirits and attack."

"We need you as a healer. Don't worry, the system will also calculate your contribution as a healer."

"What about you and Kalli?"


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