300 Murim

Zane wanted to laugh. Using Dungeon as a Rizz to get girls, who on earth does that nowadays, surely he did not think that Cassandra would fall for ... .Zane looked at his friend who was now looking at Steven with shining eyes.

The bar just got lower.

"You say that it is an F-rank dungeon with low risk." Cassandra asked, "Is it the Murim dungeon?"

Steven nodded, "I bought a ticket for raiding the dungeon." He paused here for approval.

Cassandra did not disappoint as she clapped.

"I heard they only have a few parties each night."

"Murim. It is because it is a multiplayer dungeon. It does not fragment time and space but it sends everyone into the same space, if the population in the dungeon is not carefully controlled, it would cause the dungeon to mutate and that is very dangerous." Zane explained as he took the last spoonful of ice cream, his hand tensed and he looked up at Steven who was staring at him with hostile eyes,


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