The Eleven Superzeroes Book

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The Eleven Superzeroes


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The suicide squad of reincarnated Mc's who were slightly forced to do the bidding of the world. First to be introduced The Curse Baby: Powers? A game system that makes infinitely strong, the catch? if he doesn't curse in 5 minutes he loses his power. Weakness: simply place a sock on his mouth and beat him up. Second, the be introduced Lucky Charm : Powers? well...he is simply unlucky, talk to him you die in a freak accident, touch him you instantly die from a heart attack, it was proven that if you survive, your life will take off be it anything you dream of....even world domination, We learned that in a hard way. Weakness: none, he can't die, if you try to shoot him the gun will malfunction, throw him off a building? A class 10 typhoon will instantly appear to break his fall. Third, to be introduced is The Meme Guy: Powers? Linked to his life as a shut-in, he can't talk normally, he will speak in memes. For example, if he said [goulougoulou] he will instantly become the famous search engine google. Weakness? just put a bullet in his head. Fourth to be introduced is Li Feng The young Master Powers?Cultivator Weakness? none , just don't make him say "Courting death" ============================= Just don't take this novel too seriously, I'm just having fun. The plot will follow the squad as they fight against Eleven Supervillains and some small villains hilariously (Well I think it's hilarious ), the goal is to bring world peace.


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