Chapter 103 Go Find Your Real Dad_1

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"Stop right there!"

Zhang Yan called out to Pei Qin in a cold voice.

The servant she had kicked to the ground managed to get up with the help of his peers, his body bent over in pain as he groaned in discomfort.

Pei Qin turned her head and saw Zhang Yan's eyes were somewhat chilling; she raised an eyebrow, "It seems to me you all come from a knowledgeable and well-mannered family, so what gives?"

She had already placed a high hat on him. Zhang Yan slightly squinted his eyes as he sized up the pretty village girl whose clothes were quite ordinary, yet there was an air of straightforward deterrence in her look, not the kind of aura one would expect from someone of lowly status facing a true aristocratic family.

On the other side, Wang Ting was already in an uncontrollable rage, pointing at Pei Qin, "You actually dared to hit my servant, you've got some nerve!"