1 Introduction

3rd person

       There she was laying in her room staring at the ceiling the world really did seem small when you really thought about it. I mean she had no right to do anything she was only a kid after all but not only a kid but a woman so that really restricted her of all her rights. But too 9 year old WR the world she lived in was small sure but the world she had in her head was a lot bigger. She would always think of the most amazing things I mean she had all these different voices running throughout her mind. Now you might think she is a creative soul but truthfully she had a problem this problem made her life filled with rage. It was an endless fight to stop the voices in her they made her feel crazy and not normal she was different because of this. She felt like whenever she tried to sleep the voices got louder. But even when she told her mother she would say the same thing:"Oh sweetie you'll be fine you're not crazy!" But WR knew she was crazy she felt things normal kids shouldn't ever feel. WR seemed normal but she wasn't she had these dreams of hurting others not killing them just beating them. I mean to her it was normal her Dad does it to her and he always told her this is how to world works. Surly her dad wouldn't lie to her right? After hours of thinking WR finally closes her eyes.

       WR woke up to the sun shining right into her eyes. It burned her skin slightly as she pulled her legs over the edge of the bed. She walks down the stairs looking around her father was at work judging by how happy everyone looked. "Good morning WR." Her mother says smiling. WR waves at her mother. "WR are you okay? You look tired." Her sister Everest says worry coating her voice. "I'm fine." WR says her raspy voice  making her barley heard. Everest smiles slightly looking down at the news paper. WR walks to the living room laying down on one the chairs. "WR are you okay?" Her sister Ali asks looking at the ground gripping her stuffed animal.  "Mhm" WR responds dazing off. The 5 year old walks off leaving her older sister to rest. WR falls into a slow long slumber.

         "Wake up right now." The voice says in her head "Your dad is almost home." WR shoots up as if right on command her dad opened the door. "Hey Dad." WR says hesitantly not knowing if he was drunk or not. "Hi sweetie." Her father responds. He's not drunk for once. She smiles thinking to herself tonight could be good. Her mother looks at WR smiling. "Hey honey how was work?" Her mother says smiling. "It was good Marta." Her father responds happily. WR smiled standing up walking to the stairs. "Honey where are you going?" Marta says. "To my room." WR responds running up the stairs.

            WR lays down looking at the clock 9:00pm. Had she really slept all day? She looks back the ceiling thinking about earlier. What was that voice was it one of her normal voices or was it the voice in her head helping her. "Ugh stupid voices that never leave!" WR thinks to herself not knowing the difference anymore. WR gives up with trying to solve what is wrong and just decides to sleep more. Even though she's not tired she forces herself to go to sleep. To most her life seemed perfect but it was anything but perfect.

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