28 Suitor

Lillian could see Nesta thinking hard and she could not help but be worried about her, she could not start to think what would happen if Lord Bramford had no intentions of marrying her.

"You look worried, does my question trouble you so much?" she asked as Nesta made her way to the dressing to clean herself before making it to the bed.

"At this point I could say that he feels the same way, I am sure of it Lillian but if he does not ask for my hand I don't think I will accept any other gentleman's proposal because he has my heart and I just can't stop thinking about him.

Do you think it would be a good idea if I asked my father to seek his hand for me instead?" she asked her maid and that made Lillian turn around so fast she could feel herself getting dizzy.

"My lady," she shouted, shocked that she would even think of doing something like that in the first place. She is a lady, a noble one at that. God forbid if the other servants were to hear what she just said. "You must get a hold of yourself my lady.

You cannot say such things, in fact such things do not happen in our society. A lady must be seeked out, courted and then married by a gentleman not the other way round, this is the height of scandals, my lady. You must not say such things again, please." Lillian said exasperatedly.

Nesta sighed expecting Lillian's outburst but not feeling better nevertheless, she could not help but wonder if her father is back from the ball as he had stayed back to discuss with Lord Brandord, business matters if she asked and she is not in any way interested.

She wished they would talk about her and with this thought she could not help but wished for her father to hurry back so she could ask him what they discussed and probably tell him how she feels about Lord Branford and ask for his help.

She was still thinking about this when she heard a knock on her door. By this time she had finished cleaning her face and wore her robe preparing for bed.

Lillian went to open the door to find a servant and announced that her father would like to see her in his study. She did not wait for LIllian to relay the message to her as she had heard the servant herself and made her way to the door to go find her father immediately.

Lillian shaked her head and dismissed the servant hoping that her mistress would not get her heart broken.

Nesta knocked on her father's study door and heard her father's voice tell her to come inside. She found her father pacing around the room and she instantly got worried, maybe something bad happened. She moved closer to her father and tapped his arm.

"Father, welcome. You sent for me." She said as her father faced her and gave her a hug feeling a tear drop on her shoulder.

She stepped away from him to find out what happened, thoughts of what she had in her mind a moment ago on hold as all her focus was now on her father.

"Father, what happened? Did anybody say anything to you? I thought you were meeting with Qui… Lord Bramford?"

She asked so many questions at the same time catching herself before slipping out on the fact she calls Lord Bramford his first name now. An act that did not go unnoticed by her father and this made the man smile which confused Nesta more.

"I am happy dear. To think after all the shame I have caused you with my scandal in society, you still had to face their hateful stares tonight.

I have seen how lonely you have been this past year, hiding your hurt behind a smile hiding the most beautiful part of yourself from everyone. I am sorry for being the cause of all that pain." Lord Weaver said, apologizing to his daughter.


Nesta stared at her father's sad face not understanding why he continued to apologise to her when he did nothing wrong.

Just tell me what has happened.""Father, please don't say things like that. You did nothing wrong, you and I know that so you have nothing to apologise for. She said to her father wanting to hear what the news is all about.

"Nothing has happened, my dear. I am just glad you had the support of the Bramford household tonight. Both Lord Quinn and Lady Tessa treated you so well and took care of you tonight, that has made me happy seeing you happy.

I just wanted to see you and share my thoughts with you before you go to bed." Lord Weaver explained to his daughter while staring at her face, he could see the look of relief and disappointment on her face and quickly became concerned.

"What's the matter, princess?" he asked her with so much concern in his voice.

"I am fine, father. Just that my heart aches. You may not admit it but I know the reason you brought Lord Bramford to Devonshire was not for business alone but to meet your daughter as well so I could consider him a potential suitor, am I right father?"

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