The Dystopian World of Blue Wall Book

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The Dystopian World of Blue Wall


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Azmel were just an average hardworking handyman, but due to some absurd accidents, he fell to his death, to his knowledge of course. But for some unknown reason his life didn't end there, instead he find himself woke up in entirely different world, a dystopian fantasy world, who's it's own civilizations has brought doom upon itself. Blue Wall, a world of deadly seas, and bizarre custom, tradition and way of life, where pure water and food are equivalent to the price of a human life. ______________________________________________________________ Friendly advice, If you didn't like HAREM, MILF, UNBALANCE SOCIETY, SEX SCENES, MATURE AND NOT SO HERO LIKE LEAD...just don't read this, IT will offend you. P/S. My Grammar...just let it be, i try my best but I'm not that clever or even well educated. also my sex scene...please be easy on me...i mean it's a steamy part..just read it, imagine a little bit and let it go..just keep the comment to yourself..Please. Chapter Update: 30per month. 1/day do add to your library, gifts are welcome~


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