1 In The Dark

it was on this foggy night where we were caught... wait I should start at the beginning I'm Mary the hier to the elven throne and my best friend is samantha the dwarven Smith's daughter. we are not suppose to be friends but I cant help it shes been my best friend since my first class. we are very secretive about this friendship because if we got caught we'd be in a lot of trouble. so we sneak out in the night about 2 times a week to see each other and to catch up on what we've been doing. it was on this night that we had arranged for us to meet in the hollow tree stump on the outskirts of the elven capital hidden in the tree tops. as I was sneaking out I heard chanting coming from the study the one place in the castle that I'm not aloud in. so naturally I peeked in and was I surprised there was my mom reading a magic script and half of the staff was chanting what she was saying... sadly I was failing my old languages course but I'm pretty sure they were speaking in old elvish. after I looked I continued on my way dodging all the help and my father who were still up. until finally I reached the stairs that led down to the forest floor. as soon as my feet touched this floor I bolted to the stump to tell my friend what i had seen. sadly when I got here she wasn't there so I waited and waited. still no sign of her and I was geting tired so I yawned and drifted to sleep.