The Duke's Sinful Luna

"I, Sebastian Devereaux..." As he started to speak, realization gave her a hard slap. "No, Sebastian." Her eyes welled up with tears. Sebastian remained unfazed. "Alpha of the Rouvray pack... " "No... You cannot do this to me!" Aurora screamed out. A searing pain shot through her heart. She wanted him to stop! "...reject Aurora Dumont as my mate." Aurora clenched her chest, bursting into tears as her heart broke into a million pieces. She bowed her head and started towards the door, her steps stiff and heavy. Just as she gripped the handle, a maniacal smile lit up her teary eyes, and she turned to face him, admiring his unwavering expression. "I, Aurora Dumont, reject you, Sebastian Devereaux, as my mate." With that, she opened the door and walked out of the room, out of his life, keeping that maniacal smile on her face. ~ A love written in the stars.... Only to be crumbled by rejection and betrayal. After being rejected during the worst years of their marriage, Aurora was left to deal with the consequences on her own. Her pain fuels her rage, feeding the darkness within her even before she realized she was pregnant with her quadruplets. As fate would have it, their paths crossed again. Her ex-husband and mate, Sebastian Devereaux, Duke de Rouvray, a ruthless, lycan beast who owns half of france as his territory, the father of her children. When he reveals his desire for her and his children, she unleashes her darkness to take control, leaving him torn between chasing danger and dark temptation and protecting danger and dark temptation.

Beholden33 · Fantasy
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16 Chs

The renowned excuse

~1836 August 5th, Rouvray Estate, Eastern France~

It was a cold night. The foreboding castle was shrouded in darkness, with ominous clouds gathering above. Suddenly, a loud thunderclap shook the skies, followed by a torrent of rain that poured down on the earth without remorse.

Inside the grand living room, Duchess Aurora Devereaux of Rouvray sat, her usually bright ocean blue eyes now dull and grim, reflecting the gloomy atmosphere that filled the estate.

"Where is he?" She asked in a tired, low voice, looking at the pendulum clock, which boldly displayed the time.

At 2 'o' clock, she was still waiting for him, dressed and ready for their dinner date, just as he had promised earlier that day.

He vowed to make it a night to remember, after all, they were on vacation.

She leaned against the cushion, yawning, her patience wearing thin. This wasn't the first time he had failed to follow through on his commitments, leaving her disappointed and alone.

With a slow, tired smile, she closed her eyes, anticipating the renowned excuse he would offer when he finally returned. 

Another long day at work, no doubt.

"Goddess..." She yawned, pursing her lips sleepily.

Everything went quiet, and she fell asleep.


When she opened her eyes, she was met by burning silver eyes that bore into hers with unbridled intensity.

"Ma méchante." Came his deep voice, heavy with guilt that made her frown.

She slowly sat up, turning her back to him, and gazed out into the morning light that filled their bedroom. The rain had stopped a long time ago...

Clad in her nightgown, she stayed in place, her silence a stark contrast to the tension that hung in the air.

"What is your excuse this time?" She broke the silence indifferently, curling her hair behind her ears.

Already dressed in a black office suit, Sebastian cleared his throat. "I had some unexpected work to..."

"Please don't." Aurora cut him off, waving her hand at him dismissively.

Without another word, she sprang out of bed and stormed into the bathroom.

Sebastian clamped his lips shut. He retrieved his briefcase from the bed, his movements deliberate and detached, as he exited the room.

Aurora seethed with rage, her chest heaving intensely as she struggled to contain her emotions. Pressing her back against the door, she ran her fingers through her hair, her mind racing with questions.

What had she done to deserve such pain and neglect?

Her heart felt like it was shattering, her inner wolf howling in anguish. Yearning for the affection of her mate.

Tears streamed down her face, and she fought hard to breathe, as if that alone could keep her emotions in check.

"Goddess!" She quickly wiped away the tears, her glazed eyes widening in disbelief.

"Is he cheating on me?" She wondered, her voice barely above a whisper.

She shook her head, adamant. "No, no, he cannot do that to me. He... Cannot."

A warning flashed in her eyes. Trembling uncontrollably, she dug her fingers into her cheeks, a maniacal smile threatening to curl her lips.

"He can.. cannot do that." She choked, pressing her eyes shut.

After her bath, Aurora slipped into her signature elegance, donning a stunning black dress that perfectly complemented her petite frame. With a small touch, she applied light makeup, enhancing her natural beauty.

Grabbing a sleek crystal-encrusted bag from the same brand, she left the room with poise, only to find Sebastian lounging on a couch in the main living room, exuding an air of dominant nonchalance.

She paused, raising an eyebrow. "Why are you here?"

"Where are you off to?" Sebastian questioned, rising to his feet.

Aurora could not believe her ears. "What is the point of your question?"

Sebastian chuckled, a deep frown highlighting his sharp features. He was right in front of her in an instant, but she did not even blink.

Her beloved husband had a massive, perfectly formed stature measuring 205 centimeters, which exclaimed perfection. She, on the other hand, was 160 centimeters tall and extremely petite, with a large mouth.

"I understand you are upset that I could not make it last night, but you..."

"Oh! My sweet darling." Aurora broke in with a giggle. "I am not upset. It is about time I got used to your behavior towards me, don't you think?"

"You are not going anywhere. Not while you are in this emotional state." Sebastian narrowed his eyes at her. "I am getting exhausted with..."

"Emotional state?" Aurora interrupted, her eyes blazing with fury. "You are afraid of what I might do in this state? Who is responsible for my emotional turmoil in the first place?"

Sebastian let out a deep sigh, his expression softening slightly. "Ma méchante, I..."

"You are cheating on me, aren't you?" Aurora pointed at his face, a deep frown on her face.

There was no change in Sebastian's expression. "Look. All I want to do is avoid a killing spree. If you want to go out, you must calm down."

Aurora lowered her arm, sneering incredulously. "What have I ever done to you? You are not behaving like my Sebastian, my mate!"

Sebastian said nothing. Instead, he leaned down and pressed a tender kiss to her forehead before leaving the room.

Aurora clutched her bag more tightly, took a calming breath, and closed her eyes. "Why is this happening to me? Why is he punishing me?"

They were each other's mates for goddess sake! School sweethearts, fated love, which led to their five-year marriage. It was all sunshine and daisies, but since her miscarriage two years ago, they have been going through difficult times.

But why!? Why was she the only one enduring the torment?

"He will pay for this!" She hissed, opening her eyes.

She dashed out of the estate, meeting her chauffeur who was inspecting the carriage. "Take me to Sebastian, Louis."

"Yes, Luna," Louis bowed his head, opening the door for her.

She entered, and they were at the company in no time.

She burst in, ignoring the staff's greetings, her determination and anger driving her forward. Breathing heavily, she marched to the stairs and then down the hall to Sebastian's office.

Just as she grasped the door handle, she heard a woman's laughter and an excited question, "Are you serious about this?"

Aurora's eyes trembled with disbelief. She flung open the door to find an unknown woman sitting on her husband's lap, which sent her heart racing with rage.

"Se... Sebastian?" Yet her voice broke, as the pair's stunned gazes met hers.