The Duke's Sinful Luna

"I, Sebastian Devereaux..." As he started to speak, realization gave her a hard slap. "No, Sebastian." Her eyes welled up with tears. Sebastian remained unfazed. "Alpha of the Rouvray pack... " "No... You cannot do this to me!" Aurora screamed out. A searing pain shot through her heart. She wanted him to stop! "...reject Aurora Dumont as my mate." Aurora clenched her chest, bursting into tears as her heart broke into a million pieces. She bowed her head and started towards the door, her steps stiff and heavy. Just as she gripped the handle, a maniacal smile lit up her teary eyes, and she turned to face him, admiring his unwavering expression. "I, Aurora Dumont, reject you, Sebastian Devereaux, as my mate." With that, she opened the door and walked out of the room, out of his life, keeping that maniacal smile on her face. ~ A love written in the stars.... Only to be crumbled by rejection and betrayal. After being rejected during the worst years of their marriage, Aurora was left to deal with the consequences on her own. Her pain fuels her rage, feeding the darkness within her even before she realized she was pregnant with her quadruplets. As fate would have it, their paths crossed again. Her ex-husband and mate, Sebastian Devereaux, Duke de Rouvray, a ruthless, lycan beast who owns half of france as his territory, the father of her children. When he reveals his desire for her and his children, she unleashes her darkness to take control, leaving him torn between chasing danger and dark temptation and protecting danger and dark temptation.

Beholden33 · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
16 Chs

A glorious end

Aurora was about to exit the building, her heart heavy with anger and hurt, still grappling with the aftermath of the rejection.

She could feel tears welling up in her eyes, but controlled herself enough not to let them spill.


Were they really going to break up like this? What was she going to do? She had nothing to do, she had nowhere else to go....

Pain was racing through her body, his words kept replaying in her head. And as she approached the door, her entire world spun around.

"Ah..." She staggered with a gag, clutching her stomach. 

"Aurora?" A burly, auburn-haired man with captivating emerald eyes, who was chatting with a staff member called, his voice filled with concern, as soon as he saw her in pain.

The moment she was about to fall, he raced over to support her.

"I... I am fine." Breathlessly, Aurora tried to stand up, but she stumbled again, relieved that he was still supporting her.

The world kept spinning around her. She was sick to her stomach. She wanted to scream out, but she clung to him trying to catch her breath.

Was she feeling this way because she was rejected?

She lifted her gaze to his face. "I am fine, Christophe."

Christophe was Sebastian's beta, right-hand man and Marshal of Rouvray. He fixed his gaze on her pallid face. "What happened between you two?"

Aurora swallowed, pushing herself away from him.

Christophe was already used to their arguments.

If only this was one of those arguments.

She stumbled out of the building, ignoring his question.

But her world started to spin again.

'Your rage... Do you want to kill him? Huh? Do you want to?'

Aurora clenched her teeth in response to her wolf's words, suppressing a maniacal smile that was about to break out on her face. "Shut up!"

'Oh! You want to kill our mate then? Let's kill him! Let's forget about this pain!'

She fell. But once again, Christophe caught her just in time.

"Are you okay?" He asked worriedly. His eyes darting around the building as if he was waiting for Sebastian to materialize out of nowhere.

"I... I do not feel very well." Aurora mumbled weakly, struggling to keep her eyes open.

Noticing that something had undoubtedly transpired between the couple, Christophe guided Aurora to the carriage parked in front of the building.

They arrived at an Apothecary's Hall right away. And he did a good job of rushing her into a small office without being noticed.

Aurora was aware that he wanted to avoid bringing her attention. False rumors will spread.

He assisted her to the bed, where she laid down. "Are you perhaps hungry? Should I call Sebastian?"

She looked at the ceiling without saying anything. Her eyes turned lifeless. Her face and lip pale, revealing that she was indeed weak.

Christophe cleared his throat awkwardly, perplexed by her silence. "Heh... I..."

The door slammed open to reveal an enraged blonde man. He was heavily built and had his shoulder-length blond hair pulled to the back while sporting a white coat.

"Are you nuts? Bringing the duchess here carelessly..."

"We followed the back, no one saw us." Christophe waved his hand lazily.

Henri frowned deeply, looking at Aurora, who was staring at him blankly. "Why isn't Sebastian with you?"

Aurora said nothing. She struggled to get into a sitting position but failed, ending with a grunt.

She wanted to leave!

Henri was Sebastian's Gamma, but he also served as his personal healer.

"Why are you here?" He asked, placing some files on the desk while glaring at Christophe. "Did you two argue again?"

Aurora said nothing. What could she say? That she had been rejected?

Henri walked towards her, his eyes widening as soon as he took a good look at her. "You... are pregnant."

Aurora froze. Pregnant?!

She instantly burst into tears. "No, no, no!" She shook her head, screaming.

If Sebastian had not rejected her, she would be overjoyed to tell him the news! But, now...! He rejected her after attempting a divorce! Because of what? Because they kept arguing? Or was it because he wanted to marry her! That woman!

She shot a deadly glare at Henri. He could tell she was pregnant just by looking at her, and she was not shocked by that. He was gifted. It was why he was the Royal Physician to the Duke of Rouvray.

Without thinking twice, she hurried to the desk, picked up an injection, and pressed the needle to her own neck.

Her action stunned both Henri and Christophe.


"What do you think you are doing?"

"Do not get any closer!" She screamed, stopping them in their tracks as they tried to approach her.

Henri and Christophe went cold. But they were quick to mind link Sebastian....

"Do not tell him I am pregnant or I will hurt myself!" Aurora knew them well. She scratched the needle against her neck, smiling with tears in her eyes as blood dripped.

Christophe and Henri were in a panic but said nothing! They were stunned by her words! They were also aware of her insane tendencies, but they could not believe what was going on!

"This is for the best." Her eyes twitched.

And she ran out, jumping into the carriage, she screamed at the coachman. "Take me away from here, immediately!" 

The coachman, roused from his nap, sat up with a jolt, his face a picture of bewilderment. "Wh-what?"

But when Aurora stormed out of the carriage, her eyes blazing with anger, he knew he was in for a reckoning. 

"Your... Your... Gr... grace."

"Take me to the port," she commanded, her voice low and menacing. "Do not make me repeat myself." 

With that, she returned to the carriage, leaving the coachman scrambling to obey. "Oh... I... Yes, your grace!" eager to escape her wrath.

In no time, the carriage was gone, disappearing into the distance, leaving the apothecary's hall's cold walls and the shards of her heart far behind.

Aurora pressed her hand to her chest, holding the pain until it faded into a distant memory. A memory...? 

'Let's kill him. Let's make it a glorious end.' 

She laughed, a hint of irony in her voice. "He doesn't deserve a glorious end. He will never deserve a glorious end." 

And with that, she left him, and the fragments of their love, to the shadows of her past, forever lost in the horizon.