The Duke's Masked Wife

The baron’s daughter, Alessandra Barrett, has worn a mask from a young age due to an injury. Many say if you were to see the face behind the mask, you would be cursed and die soon afterward. She is seen as a ghost, avoided by all who visit the baron's home until she becomes the duke’s wife. No one could understand why the duke would pick such a wife. Did he wish to die? What would become of the girl who once hid in the shadows but now had the spotlight on her as the duke’s masked wife? What would everyone say if they were to learn the truth that she was in a contracted marriage with the duke? Tales of Castro Nobility story timeline order - The King’s Unbreakable Wife The Knight’s Mysterious Maid The Duke’s Masked Wife

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The ball continued without any drama, at least for Edgar and Alessandra. Before the ball could end, Edgar decided it was time they returned home as it was late and there was nothing entertaining for them to witness. 

"I find it interesting you said you were not tired and wanted to stay but from the moment we got into the carriage, you have been yawning. You are like a child fighting back sleep Alessandra. There is nothing to miss if you close your eyes. I will tell you if something interesting happens. Lay here," he tapped his lap.

"I am not tired, Edgar. We could have stayed a little bit more," Alessandra fought back a yawn but it eventually came out. "Maybe I should close my eyes a little. I will rest here," she laid her head against his shoulder. "Ah!" She gasped when he made her slip down to his lap. "Edgar-"