The Duke's Masked Wife

The baron’s daughter, Alessandra Barrett, has worn a mask from a young age due to an injury. Many say if you were to see the face behind the mask, you would be cursed and die soon afterward. She is seen as a ghost, avoided by all who visit the baron's home until she becomes the duke’s wife. No one could understand why the duke would pick such a wife. Did he wish to die? What would become of the girl who once hid in the shadows but now had the spotlight on her as the duke’s masked wife? What would everyone say if they were to learn the truth that she was in a contracted marriage with the duke? Tales of Castro Nobility story timeline order - The King’s Unbreakable Wife The Knight’s Mysterious Maid The Duke’s Masked Wife

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"Stop it, the two of you. I am fine with changing right here. She has to measure me anyway. We should lock the door so no one can enter while I am not dressed. I'll do it myself," Alessandra added when neither Sally nor Erin moved from their spots. "I've gone from dealing with Edgar to this." 

"Now that you've mentioned him, what is the duke truly like? I've only seen him from afar. Is he the mean to everyone but sweet you kind of man? What made you fall for him outside of his money and looks of course," Erin asked.

"Have you forgotten you are here to show the duchess dresses and not ask questions about her personal business? You are an employee, Lady Potter," Sally used the name Erin did not want to be referred to. "Please be professional. Next thing we know you'll run and tell the entire town every word the Duchess told you."