The Duke's Masked Wife

The baron’s daughter, Alessandra Barrett, has worn a mask from a young age due to an injury. Many say if you were to see the face behind the mask, you would be cursed and die soon afterward. She is seen as a ghost, avoided by all who visit the baron's home until she becomes the duke’s wife. No one could understand why the duke would pick such a wife. Did he wish to die? What would become of the girl who once hid in the shadows but now had the spotlight on her as the duke’s masked wife? What would everyone say if they were to learn the truth that she was in a contracted marriage with the duke? Tales of Castro Nobility story timeline order - The King’s Unbreakable Wife The Knight’s Mysterious Maid The Duke’s Masked Wife

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"What? I don't think- I don't. Wait a moment," Alessandra paused to clear her thoughts. "Ow!" She touched her forehead after Edgar flicked it with his finger.

"What naughty thing are you thinking of? I was suggesting we go down to the creek and wash off the paint but please indulge me with what you were thinking. I wish to know what scenarios you thought of and if I can make them come true. Go on," Edgar urged her to tell the truth. He wanted to hear in detail what came to her mind a moment ago. 

"I simply thought you were suggesting we use the tub together. There is nothing else," Alessandra started walking toward the stairs to go to the creek as Edgar was recommending. It would be easy to just use a bathroom but she wanted to see the creek and possibly step foot in it if the water wasn't too cold.