The Duke's Masked Wife

The baron’s daughter, Alessandra Barrett, has worn a mask from a young age due to an injury. Many say if you were to see the face behind the mask, you would be cursed and die soon afterward. She is seen as a ghost, avoided by all who visit the baron's home until she becomes the duke’s wife. No one could understand why the duke would pick such a wife. Did he wish to die? What would become of the girl who once hid in the shadows but now had the spotlight on her as the duke’s masked wife? What would everyone say if they were to learn the truth that she was in a contracted marriage with the duke? Tales of Castro Nobility story timeline order - The King’s Unbreakable Wife The Knight’s Mysterious Maid The Duke’s Masked Wife

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572 Chs

Dresses, drama, & a death (6)

"I-Is there a ghost?" Alessandra questioned and stepped closer to Edgar due to the fact there was no one around for her to see but she clearly heard a voice.

A devious idea came to Edgar's mind because of how close Alessandra had stepped to him. "It seems to be. The palace has many haunted rooms. I've heard former royals refuse to leave the palace. The lanterns you see are actually meant to show ghosts," Edgar looked off to the side to hide his smile when Alessandra gripped his hand tighter.

Alessandra was about to pull Edgar to return to the ballroom when she noticed the man Oliver stepping out into her view further down the hall. "There's no ghost. That's the town guard. Edgar," she pinched his arm for trying to fool her.

"You know I can not say anything now. My family has made preparations for the wedding to happen soon. Why are you making things hard?" Oliver smacked his hand against the wall.