107 Change of heart (2)

"Are you saying you have fallen in love with me?" Alessandra found this to be impossible but she still needed to ask.

"Love is a strong word, Alessandra. I am not familiar with it but I doubt it happened over three days. I can admit I am starting to feel something for you and I have made up my mind to see where it leads me. I don't expect anything in return from you,"  he removed his hand from the door.

Edgar merely wanted to test out what he had been feeling since Alessandra started to stay with him. He knew it was not love but some sort of feelings had started to blossom. He had no shame stating he was the one to start feeling something first when he was adamant about no love or feelings.

"I see," Alessandra took a moment to process things. She never expected Edgar to say any of this ever. What was she supposed to do now that he said he felt something for her? "What happens now?"


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