The Duke's Masked Wife

The baron’s daughter, Alessandra Barrett, has worn a mask from a young age due to an injury. Many say if you were to see the face behind the mask, you would be cursed and die soon afterward. She is seen as a ghost, avoided by all who visit the baron's home until she becomes the duke’s wife. No one could understand why the duke would pick such a wife. Did he wish to die? What would become of the girl who once hid in the shadows but now had the spotlight on her as the duke’s masked wife? What would everyone say if they were to learn the truth that she was in a contracted marriage with the duke? Tales of Castro Nobility story timeline order - The King’s Unbreakable Wife The Knight’s Mysterious Maid The Duke’s Masked Wife

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A mother's betrayal (2)

Katrina didn't like how things had turned so early before Clark had died. No one was supposed to be pointing fingers at her when Clark was still alive. Of all the times Clark chose to have common sense, why now? A little bit more and he would have been dead without anyone realizing what was done. 

'I can't tell James to stop poisoning him since it would look suspicious for Clark to stop getting worse after calling me out. There are better ways to kill him,' she thought.

"Year after year I have to deal with the two of you calling me names whether it was to my face or behind my back. Completely shredding my character even though I have been proving your theories wrong. To say that I have been poisoning my husband's brother is a new low for the both of you," Katrina said, forcing out tears to wipe away. She sniffled, pretending to hold back from crying even more.