80 Urban Sniper III

With the new technique that Morpheus had just learned from Elijah, there was no height that he couldn't scale. Morpheus decided to name this spell Stepping Stone. After about a thirty-minute-long game of cat and mouse, the pair finally reached the area near Rockefeller Center.

Morpheus dodged yet another arrow as he chased after Elijah who was now 'flying' to the rooftop of a thirty-storied skyscraper right across Christie's New York. Morpheus cast Stepping Stones and followed after him, the adrenaline rush overpowering all the pain and fatigue coursing through his body.

The pair finally reached the rooftop and faced off against each other. Elijah was in a relatively better state, but Morpheus… he was panting and wheezing, almost as if he would pass out any moment. 


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