83 The Unseen

For some reason, Edward felt goosebumps all over his body when he heard Morpheus say that. He didn't think Morpheus was being cocky. On the contrary, he felt that what the young bloodline wizard had just said would eventually come to pass.

With bated breaths, he instructed Alice, "Mark all the assassins in red and keep a close eye on them. Scan for any incoming assassins with infrared vision."

'Understood, sir!'

The next moment, Edward spread his hands wide and a large virtual screen materialized in front of him. It displayed the live satellite imagery of the Halloween Parade happening over at Times Square right now. 

Following that, numerous red dots began appearing all over Times Square, and in the center of all that stood a grey pixelated figure. Even as the red dots surrounded him and approached him slowly, the pixelate figure remained calmly standing. 


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