87 Sunny Day in New York

Morpheus took the subway back to the city, it was the most convenient mode of transport in New York, according to most. No one batted an eyelid when they saw him dressed in pajamas and slippers.

New Yorkers had seen worse. In Times Square, there were even women who wore nothing but body paint and took photographs with tourists for a couple of bucks. So a pair of pajamas was quite alright.

The only problem was the few homeless people, who had made the subway trains and stations their domains, greedily eyeing his pizza. But Morpheus did not give a single fuck. He simply looked them dead in the eye and exaggeratedly chewed on his pizza.

Actually, he almost invariably treated the homeless and the poor with pity, giving them some money or even food. But during the open contract, many of the assassins that had attacked him were actually beggars!


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