75 Night of Blood IV

Amidst fire, smoke, and broken glass pieces about a dozen assassins stood with shock etched all over their faces. Some of them were wearing casual clothes while others were wearing suits. One man was even wearing shorts and flip-flops while holding an assault rifle.

But all of them, at this moment, couldn't believe their eyes as they saw the youth fall down at a rapid pace. A blonde woman looked at the bustling street below and gulped nervously. "D-Does this kid have a death wish!?"

None of them answered, too astonished to even speak. Never had they expected Morpheus to actually jump out the window. Who in their right mind would do that? There was no way he would survive the fall… is what they thought.

"Fuck this shit," the man in flip flops cursed and turned around. "I'm going home."

A few of the other assassins followed him out, while the others waited to see their target splatter against the concrete down below.


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