73 Night of Blood II

With a deafening crash, the floor-to-ceiling windows of the guest bedroom were blown to smithereens. Blazing flumes of fire and smoke spewed out from the 69th floor as shattered glass fragments rained down on the bustling streets below.

The loud explosion would certainly have caught the attention of the people on the streets had it not been covered up by the sounds of fireworks that'd been conveniently lit around the Central Park Tower.

At the same time, the residents living on the 69th floor, as well as the floors above and below, had received a text notifying them of an explosion as a result of a gas leak. They were advised to leave their condos for the time being until a thorough inspection could be carried out.

NYPD and NYFD vehicles were on their way, but as for the people driving them really were firemen or the police, one couldn't tell.

The Cleaners had meticulously done their job.


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