85 A Promise of Revenge

In a penthouse in downtown Manhattan, a blond man with bright blue eyes wearing a pin-striped three-piece suit was swirling a glass of red wine and looking over the city skyline through the floor-to-ceiling window with a satisfied smile.

He was none other than the don of the Luciani family and the leader of the five crime families of New York, Antonio Luciani. Only just now, one of his men had reported to him the outcome of tonight's open contract.

Antonio was thoroughly entertained, but more than that, he was highly impressed by Morpheus' actions. Never for a single moment had he thought that the kid would be able to achieve all that he had tonight.

According to his speculations, he expected the kid to be saved by Natasha who always happened to be with him. But to Antonio's surprise, Morpheus had made it out alive without Natasha's help.

'Well, he did get a little bit of help from the vampire kid,' he thought.


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